Lay an eye on the perks of having a day wedding


Every woman dreams of a perfect fairytale with their soulmate, but planning a fairytale looks like a huge responsibility, right? Well, speaking of the wedding and the wedding venues, are you a morning person or an evening person? Even if youre an all nighter kind of a person, just try giving a thought to the beauties involved in having a day wedding. The night time sure does feel like magic, but the morning bliss is all about enlightenment. 

Think of the charms of having a morning wedding under the bright influence of the sunny skies and the refreshing breeze as a perfect time to begin a new chapter of your life. Well, if you are still not convinced let us point out a few perks of having a day wedding for you right below: 

Gorgeous Clicks!! 

Well, this one is probably going to be a huge deal breaker for all the women out there, getting papped on their wedding day is like their ultimate goal. And while we speak of the perks of having a morning wedding, then getting gorgeous clicks in the daylight is probably the most attractive benefits of a day wedding. Natural lighting and #sunkissed pictures are all you couples need. 

You get to have brunch!!

Well, if youre the in here for the food” kind of person then day weddings are a perfect of you, because you get ditch the traditional dinner menus and grab the perfect glitter doughnuts, gourmet food and of course, the Tea. Coming to the drinks part, well then youre in for some treats with the perfect mimosas, freshly carved juices and all your summery cocktails can be tried if youre a part of a day wedding. 

Spare time for After Party!

Not that were dissing the night wedding routine, but the day weddings sure give you some spare time for the after party you want to plan out for just your immediate family and friends. This hidden benefit of having a day wedding gives you a chance to throw a minimalistic wedding in the day and a cocktail bash at night. So, just grab your pretty outfits and get ready to slay your perfect fairytale. 

P.S.- Plan out a beautifully crafted day wedding for yourself, and make it an affair to remember for the rest of your life!

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