Lego and Levi’s launch a denim capsule

The Brothers Brick

First announced mere days ago, LEGO and Levi’s offer a comprehensive look at their forthcoming apparel collaboration. Comprising Levi’s staples and a few playful one-offs, the capsule definitely elevates with the addition of LEGO. These are LEGO baseplates atop each piece, ideal for customization. The pair finally revealed the fruits of its labour — a customizable, colour-blocked rendition of the denim company’s legendary denim jeans, packs, and torso pieces. Wedding Affair takes a look at the reviews of this collection closely.

The Total Collection

In addition to the denim, the upcoming Lego x Levi’s collection also includes hoodies, bags, hats. And even a cargo vest, all featuring fun Lego-inspired details like colourful buttons and a bright-red Lego patch. It swaps in instead of Levi’s traditional leather version. “This is such a fun collaboration celebrating self-expression, creativity and nostalgia,” Karyn Hillman, chief product officer for Levi Strauss & Co., said in a press release. “With the customizable baseplates, Levi’s is now literally a new blank canvas for Lego play.”

A square silicone panel finds a place in nearly every piece in the collection. This includes a pair of 501 jeans, stonewashed trucker jackets, hoodies, caps and even a cargo-pocketed vest. 110 special LEGO DOTS will accompany these baseplate-emblazoned items, encouraging the wearer to customize their look each time they get dressed. Of course, LEGO savants can also attach conventional LEGO bricks to the baseplates to create wearable 3D artwork. Some graphic tees don’t feature the extra accent, instead of leaning on the appeal of the boldly printed imagery.

The Availability

As a result, the brand’s timeless clothing pieces can form into an expression of their wearer’s own unique personality, tastes, and design preferences. Things like zippers, buttons, and pulls have also been replaced with more colourful counterparts. The collection is all set to launch on October 1, but you can head to the LEGO website for a closer look prior to release.

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