Lehenga Colour Scheme For Millennial Brides


There has been a substantial shift in the wedding industry since COVID. The Indian wedding industry has undergone some amazing transformations, going from large, lavish weddings to small, private weddings. One of the most significant changes that have been actively made nowadays is experimenting with colours and concepts from the venue to the trousseau. Increasingly, brides are experimenting with the hues of their lehengas! We’ve seen brides in some incredibly new lehenga colour combinations, ranging from multi-coloured costumes to a bright hue and exquisite lehenga colour combinations, which are an inspiration for all future brides out there.

We notice a variety of exciting color trends dictating the bridal wardrobes, from experimenting with different pastel colours to adding vibrant hues over a classic colour scheme. Especially, for brides who can’t stick to monotonous color schemes because half of their heart is inclined towards one colour and the other half towards another.  This blog is for you if you’re tired of seeing Indian clothing in the typical reds and gold.

  • Dusty Blues

    Freshest hue in town

This colour scheme is for all those unconventional Indian brides who are looking to rise from the basic tones of the wedding lehengas and want to add distinctiveness to them. Dusty blue is one of the trendy combinations which is ideal for day weddings as the colour will get highlighted in the light. You cannot let go of this freshest blend on the market.

  • Lilac and Lavender

    Definition of Elegance and class

As chic as the colour combination sounds, lilac and lavender are the most preferred colour scheme by brides. It is controlling the major section of women in Indian society who are about to get married. Also, this colour scheme is connected to royalty and dignity. Choose this fascinating hue for your big day.

  • Moss Green

    Perfect shade for the night wedding

This latest lehenga hue is stealing hearts with its regal shade and design. This shade is perfect for a night wedding as it will accentuate the bridal look and will give an absolutely stunning look to the bride. Add this to your wedding wardrobe and you can wear this amazing colour combination at other wedding ceremonies, too.

  • Baby Pink & Celestial Blue

    Stylish with a touch of tradition

This purely magical colour combination is a treat to not only the bride’s eye but also the wedding guests. Baby Pink & Celestial Blue is a traditional and stylish tint that emphasises the alluring look of the bride. This hue is suitable for night weddings and will show the liveliness of the bride.

  • Old Rose & Khaki

    Get a vibrant lehenga for the big day

This is yet another colour combination that is in vogue. Old Rose and Khaki is a heavenly colour scheme that is in demand as the millennial bride is ready to try new colours for the wedding day instead of just going for the tedious red and maroon lehengas.

  • Dark Brown and Caramel

    Blend of sophistication and luxury

This colour scheme is actually giving some serious chills to the brides. As chocolaty as the scheme sounds dark brown and caramel is a real blend of luxury and sophistication. You can wear this scheme in daylight and at night as well.   

  • Mulberry and Grey

    A classic and quirky combination

This light grey mulberry lehenga is surely a colour scheme that can be considered by the brides. The colour shade is an exemplary mélange of vintage and classy look for the bride. This shade will look stunning at night time.

Go for these exceptional colour schemes for your wedding day and feel like a queen with these astonishing outfits. Pair them with remarkable jewellery and make-up and stand out on your wedding day. Channel your inner self with these eccentric color schemes and relish your big day with full assurance and a big fat smile. Choose the colour schemes considering whether the wedding is during the day or at night.

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