When one of you takes the Responsibility


He pulled her serenely falling creased cheeks and clasped her soft hands saying, “Today we have crossed a milestone again with an empire that we built together by looming dreams decades ago, embracing each other’s decisions and respecting division of responsibilities with a hope to grow on, and darling! we are blessed to have much more.”

Marriage is about embarking on a journey of two souls as one, with new dreams, hopes and aspirations. After tying the knot, there comes a bona fide life when you have to practically ponder upon the challenges of life. It’s when you share the care, thinking that till the end only your silent memories will be there. In an era of haste progression, allocation of tasks definitely kindles an ease if the duo understands each other’s needs. Isn’t it wonderful when men also perform household chores and women toddle hand in hand with him in the harshest of the dealings? Unlike the traditional view that believes that a man is the head of the family and his dominance will continue, there is a flip side. Let’s take a sneak peek at Mr. & Mrs. Iyer’s tale of brain wave and see how their reverie of building castles was NOT just in air. They met during graduation in a fashion school and fabricated their love through passion and work. Vijay Iyer and Geeta exchanged the first glances when she saw Vijay incessantly applauding when she bagged the first prize. The whole college settled down after much appreciation but surprisingly his thunderous clap carried on amidst the silence. Their story bloomed while doing fashion projects and these made them not only share a working relationship that has spanned through years, but also as a real-life couple who shared their influences and took responsibilities.

Scene 1 (After the honeymoon period)

Geeta: Good morning honey! Rushing to office today? Well, wait for me I too will get ready soon.
Vijay: (Frantically moving to and fro inside the house) Our honeymoon period is over; just got a call from Mrs. Sarita and the launch is on threshold, we have to really work hard. I will have to travel to Chennai. Now you have to take care here in Mumbai!
Geeta: Yeah, I will, but meanwhile I will give you an account on the finances for the launch and here I will look at the tailors and designing. But honey, hope you come soon as supervising home and showroom collectively will involve oodles of juggling.
Vijay: I understand, but few days to go! Let’s map out distribution of the tasks and I’m sure we will be able to manage it really well. However, during my absence in the town, don’t you dare to make it a nine to nine thing! Come home and do rejuvenate; take time for your yoga, spa and of course your disturbed sleep.
Geeta: (Smiles at his gesture) Sure, Vijay. I have crossed my fingers with a hope that all goes well as we have invested our fate and hard work here.
Vijay: (Stares at her) Let’s not fluctuate from our optimism like our college days. I’m sure nothing can collapse us.
Geeta: Let’s compile the scheme and divide the errands between us, before you leave for Chennai. Then accordingly, we would set up the reminders on how we should carry this forward.

Scene 2 (After 10 years)

Geeta:(Anxiously) “I have been under so much pressure in the studio due to the nuptial season and with thunderous demands from my clients. I wonder how will Shruti (her daughter) pass her exams with flying colors as I’m not able to attend to her needs. Honey, I am little more than a bundle of nerves now. Things are going against my collar.
Vijay: Geeta, why don’t you go for a holiday? I’ll take care of our kids and work till then.
Geeta whimpers…
Vijay: I know being a mother you are in guilt for not taking out time for her, perhaps you feel that you are not connecting to her dreams. But your quality support to her on weekends and lively activities is appreciative. Yes, you can take kids along for the excursion after their exams if you want; I’ll take care of the other chores.
Geeta: (Heaving a sigh of relief) Thanks, it’s because of you we have created a niche in the industry and have established an eminent name in carving our own signature style. (She smiles)
Vijay: No, this is because we shared our responsibilities; neither of us tried to put their upper hand, instead we held each other’s hand in every sweat in our journey till now.

Scene 3 (After 15 years, in their abode)

Vijay: So true, time and tide wait for none and see how our daughter is on her way to start a new life. Finally, she has met the prince of her dreams and I’m happy to see her in a state of ecstasy. Although, copious stuff to work out on, from designing her clothes to assuring that this special event goes afloat. On the other hand, we can’t delay our showroom launch in Bangalore. I have an appointment with the doctor too for my regular checkup. I just don’t want to leave any stone unturned for this event. I know, it’s not going to be cushy job.
Geeta: (She sips her coffee and lounges over the chair) Honey, this too shall pass. You take charge of the wedding and I’ll handle the designing. But for now, let’s go to the doctor together. Let’s labor this month for our Bangalore store launch and from next month we can start executing for our princess’s nuptial ceremony. (She smiles and goes to the kitchen to have handful of chocolates that she has been preparing for the marriage)
(Vijay gets up and goes to the kitchen)
Geeta: Please don’t help me with anything now; I’ll need more help in cleaning later. (She laughs)

Scene 4 (After 10 years…)

Early in the morning on hearing the rip roaring sound of the phone bell, she rushes towards the phone.

Geeta: Geeta & Vijay Couture! Who is this?
Anonymous: Hey, I’m calling from Paris, hope my voice is audible. It brings an immense pleasure to let you know that you have been given the opportunity of unveiling your collection in this upcoming Paris Fashion Week! We will book flights for both of you. We will be pleased to receive both of you along with our creative team of editors and journalists.

Geeta sat in stunned disbelief; she never thought after so many years she would get such an astounding call.

(Vijay overhears the conversation and smiles)

Again a bell rings and media pours onto her with questions of heartfelt appreciations!

Journalist: What made you the most celebrated duo, with so many stores around the globe? What actually is the secret of your success?
Geeta: Umm, to begin with, thanks, it’s a joy to behold! Our highs and lows of sharing the personal and professional spaces made it possible. But in our case nobody wore the pants; in fact we mutually worked towards the substance. We celebrated our differences; if I exhibited influence on some chores, Vijay did it on the others, and then the understanding truly sustained. Abstaining from double standards of muscularity and embracing the mutual sharing of responsibilities is the bedrock of our successful marriage, and that also reflects in our work.
Vijay: Shackles and domination can’t hold a marriage for long. It is this never breaking thread of understanding, love and patience which can sustain a healthy marriage. It is all about rejoicing the way the person is. Criticism is there but it is more of constructive criticism to motivate the person to be a better individual so that they can face the harshest dealings thrown by life. You can see this magic in our bond, cocooned in love and trust. Finally, I respect how we have accepted our differences rather than stressing on the stereotypical agenda that one shall rule the domicile.

All the couples, who are soon to get hitched, remember, love’s labor is never lost. As a helpmate, you have the ability to receive, bring forth life, not just physical life, but in the dreams, hopes and aspirations of your partner. Nurturing each other’s dreams involves creating the precise milieu for fruition. For a successful marriage, the key should be a strong unending faith that refuses to quit until that dream comes to life. On the same note, we remember the famous lines from ‘The Notebook’ by renowned author Nicholas Spark, “Marriage is about becoming a team, you are going to spend the rest of your life learning about each other and every now and then, things blow up. But the beauty of marriage is that if you picked the right person, and you both love each other, you’ll always figure out a way to get through it.”