Let Your Desire Lead – With Orgasmic Meditation



‘O.M is to sex, what yoga is to fitness.’ That is how O.M (Orgasmic Meditation) is best defined by Nicole Daedone – the creator of Orgasmic Meditation and the founder of the organisation, OneTaste.

The rapidly growing organisation is dedicated to spreading the concept of a sequenced practice, where the partner gently strokes the other partner’s clitoris for fifteen minutes. The founder and the practitioners from the West, refer to the process as a therapeutic method to enhance the communication and connecting skills of a man, and help woman develop a deeper intuitive sense.

Several reports have documented Daedone expressing that O.M let’s your darkest spot become the purpose of your living. The coaching course allows those who walk into the program alone, to choose a stranger as a partner to explore their intimacy, and requires a woman to be bottom naked in front of a team of practitioners (all indulged in getting an O.M) as a fully clothed partner settles himself down in a nest of cushions and tantalises her clitoris. It costs a hefty $15,000, and a one-day Play Class costs you $195 (apart from the expense of flying to New York/L.A/London/San Francisco/Austin).

Is ‘OneTaste’ another expensive but easy way for the perverts to get into the pants of half-naked women, who are seeking for some kind of evidence to validate their need and importance to exist? Or is it just another cult, all wrapped up in the goody package of ‘meditation’? Who are we to say! However, the fan following that comprises of a swarm of beauties who are attracted to the coaching from varied corners of the world map, convinced me to scrutinise the program. The results are all here for the loving husbands who would leave no stone unturned to please their wives. Like they say, there is always a positive side to a story, and O.M’s positives could prove to be an enchanting ingredient in the recipe of your love. Forget about the doubts and questions that the practice of P.D.C (Public Display of Clitoris) raises in your head and adopt the promising technique that boasts of changing your life, in your bedroom (or at least try). If you end up craving for more, you will be happy to know that the organisation also offers private classes for partners, after burning a huge hole in your pocket. (of course!)

The O.Ming Practice

Dear Men,

It’s time to let your fingers indulge in some serious action. Here’s the complete guide, for you to follow O.M.

Create a nest of soft silk cushions, to serve as the surface of the bed. Lie her down as the cushions enwrap her hips in a smooth velvety touch. Undress her! The process of O.Ming strongly recommends ‘letting your partner surrender to the experience,’ therefore, remember to stay clothed throughout the process. While O.Ming requires you to shed her clothing from the bottom only, it’s safe to take the ‘unclothing decisions’ on your hands and unveil the parts of her body that you are besotted by, to let her lay back and feel the ‘complete surrender of her intimate parts to your touch.’ Let your hands gently massage her legs with grounding pressure. Fix your gaze on her clitoris, or around her G-spot as your hand runs around the skin of her thighs. The ‘noticing phase’ in O.M, does not only emphasise on the process of letting your lady surrender, but also helps you boost her confidence as you express in words all that you see, as she lies down with her legs stretched, opening up herself to you. Take your time until you feel the goose bumps on her skin and her body quivers in joy as the realisation of your touch and your gaze consumes her. Slowly take position, place your right thumb at the edge of her introitus (the opening of her vagina) and let the tip of your left index finger touch her clit at the 8 o’clock spot, and stroke! Putting her needs first at the priority level, allow her to instruct you for adjustments in the positioning of your fingers for a comfortable experience. The practitioners of O.M confirm that there are ten primary spots on the clitoris and your aim is to discover the most you can. Each one has its own distinctive kind of sensation and your hand explores them all during the 15 minutes of practicing O.M. She is engulfed in varied sensations as your fingers win one territory at a time, leaving zero seconds for her to hold her breath or prepare herself for the next sensation.

It’s not about the Climax

Dear Women,

O.M is not about the climax. Deodone once said, “What would happen if we rebuilt sex from the ground up, but this time, included consciousness and spirituality. The same way that we have been moving from processed to whole foods, from mere fitness to yoga, O.M shifts sex out of the dark, from under the covers, into the light. It completely absorbs you in an experience, and there is no time to be stuck in your head and feed your ego.” When you let your man slowly strip the outer coverings on your skin away, while he sits, completely clothed and in-charge, you can feel the falling away of the ego. According to Deodone, the feeling also takes away the sense of limitations. As he gently strokes your clitoris and pampers your intimate part, the sensations you feel empowers and engulfs you completely. Practitioners of O.M say that it helps you feel a larger state of orgasm and grab the power of consciousness as you surrender yourself, lying naked and vulnerable to the hands of your partner. They also differentiate the real state of orgasm from the ‘climax’ of sexual intimacy terming it as ‘a fleeting physical pleasure’ compared to the feeling of O.M.

The Goal of O.M

You might be wondering; this is when she writes, it’s time to put the cake in the oven. No, it’s not. Believers of O.M target the procedure on tired and stressed out women. So, the whole process has more to do with the feeling of a white fluid traversing through the insides of her body, rather than fluids that make your bed wet.

Van Vleck, OneTaste employee, described the O.Ming practice to Gawker writer, Natasha Tiku in most convincing words, “Most women are ‘tired and wired,’ and O.M is the exact opposite of that. It’s like eating breakfast. That’s what we eventually hope: instead of a latte, women will have an O.M, because that’s what regulates your body. An orgasm for breakfast, you know?

The goal of the practice is to experience a deeper connection, and fulfillment with your partner. Watch those curtains fall away, once you have experienced the bold but subtle presentation that practicing O.M demands. The followers of the process also call O.Ming the ‘feel over formula’, meaning that when you indulge in O.M, you learn to absorb the pleasures from every turn and tilt of the finger, rather than waiting patiently for one fleeting moment of pleasure. You also learn to take control of your desires. While a man is given the opportunity to explore the most intimate part of his woman’s body, and gradually discover her most sensual and primary spots, woman are gifted with ‘a time of their life’ to simply lay back and ‘feel’, gain an insight on the spots that awaken their senses, and control the actions made by their partner by correcting their finger positions.

Justin Dawson, an ardent practitioner of O.M said to VICE, “O.M is similar to yoga or meditation, where you might not feel all the benefits every time you practice, but over time you experience a significant difference – in this case, in your sex, relationships, and general spark.”

So, we suggest you do it! Every activity carried out with deep love and affection in your heart is bound to bear good results. And the process of O.M – the stroking process is said to activate the limbic system in the body, i.e. the emotional nervous system, that releases oxytocin – the cuddle hormone. This will only bring you and your partner another step closer to removing the curtains between your hearts and celebrate your togetherness.

By Rumela S