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Fashion is an ultimate delight which every human soul wants to cherish. Especially when it comes to the realm of women’s fashion, there are multiple things to consider and add grace up to. Women’s fashion is a vast spectrum of creativity where outfits, accessories, makeup, footwear, handbags, etc. all play specific significant roles in creating the image of a woman. While it comes to the domain of putting makeup for all those gorgeous looks, lip colours play the game deep and sexy to make women’s pout irresistible.

Ladies! A smooth stroke of a lip tint completes your look within a speck of time and you are all ready to flaunt your countenance. But, creating a personal image is also important to move swiftly and effectively with your fashion mantras. One of the mantras is to keep a check on your fashion rulebook based on your zodiac sign. Your zodiac sign is relevantly helpful in every possible way to make your day happy, energetic and influential including your makeup style. Here is a list of the tips for the lip tints you can blindly go for, based on your zodiac sign and be that style monger. 


Bold, confident and full of energy, red lips are the best way to compliment your confident and fearless personality. The attention-grabbing hue is also perfect to put you in the spotlight where you naturally thrive.


A hopeless romantic who craves affection, love is basically everything for you. Nudes, dusty rose or light pink lipstick shades blend perfectly with your style, and there you can flaunt amazingly with your own kind of oomph. 


Gemini is curious, spontaneous and super versatile. Fresh, new trends are what keep you feeling fabulous. Bright, pretty hues like vibrant pinks are the perfect choice for your social and outgoing personality.


Your emotional intelligence makes you aware, and in touch with your feelings. What you need is a nourishing lip tint that gives your lips some over the top sensational apparel. Muted mauves or delicate pinks give you a classic, pretty pout that makes you feel soft and feminine.


Bold, out there and ready to grab the spotlight – Leo women love luxurious shades that match their personalities. Orange, red, coral, or even a touch of glitter, all work well to help them stand out fantastically in a crowd like the natural-born leader they actually are.



Organised and practical, you prefer feminine and muted shades that also match your earthy personality. Coral, apricot and nude lipsticks in matte finish work well to compliment your well-put-together appearance.


Though you are pretty well balanced and not impulsive or rash, you do enjoy a sense of adventure many times. An unusual shade of blue or lilac could be just the fun tint. You also need to add to your signature rich berry or rosy pink lip hue style.


The badass rule breaker, you tend to be sexy, mysterious and bold. Dark berry hues add an edge to your personality and perfectly complement your intense Scorpio eyes.


Athletic, adventurous and full of energy, you are the most bubbly and cheerful of all signs. Bright pink or neon fuchsia lip colours reflect your bright and optimistic personality without a streak of doubt. 


Elegant, professional and goal-oriented, you are basically the complete package everyone looks up to for fashion enthusiasts. Deeper nudes are astounding enough to match your wardrobe and appeal to your conventional sense of style.


Unpredictable, free-spirited and friendly, you love to try out daring and original trends. Ombre lips appeal to you and compliment your fun-loving sense of style.


Compassionate and sensitive, you guys are the dreamers of the world of the zodiac. Raspberry and rose petal lip hues complement your sensitive and feminine personality very well. 

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