Lisa Haydon: What makes a marriage? Love, Compatibility or Money?



She is every fashionista’s inspiration and a muse to many iconic designers, Lisa Haydon. The stunning model and actor recently tied the knot with beau Dino Lalvani. We look back at a conversation she indulged in a few months ago, where she talked about the foundations of marriage.

She spoke to us about how the traditionalists have always stressed on the importance of love and compatibility, as the foundation for a healthy marriage. But in recent times, money seems to have emerged as a strong contender alongside the fore mentioned two. In today’s fast paced life, time is invaluable and sometimes we just don’t consider it worthy to invest in one other individual. The feisty actress, Lisa Haydon says:

Marriage definitely needs love to exist and compatibility is the number one requirement of a happy marriage. And money, I guess a marriage can survive without money. A marriage can work even if you are hungry and poor. If you really love someone, then I don’t think money matters that much. So for me, compatibility is number one, then comes love and then money. Money is important to feed yourself and take care of your basic needs but not that important for a marriage to survive. If a couple is going through financial difficulties then their love and everything else like friendship, respect, companionship and their understanding keeps them together. So money is necessary to feed and clothe yourself but not so important to sustain a marriage. Marriage needs the above things to survive. So for me, love and compatibility are foremost for a marriage to survive and money comes much later.