Listing out a few pros and cons of dating your BFF


This is the age-old question that every person must have been asked about at some point in their life if they have a really close best friend, that is if it is a good idea to date them. There are no right or wrong answers in this, just some pros and cons. So, have a look at them

Lets’s look for pros

Comfort level

One thing that will happen if you date your best friend is that you will instantly have that connection and that comfort level with them. Since you already know and admire this person, you don’t have that initial physical disconnect or awkwardness of meeting the person for the first time. You have hung out many times so you know you’re comfortable with that person.

They know you inside out

Depending upon how long you have known your best friend chances are you have gone from childhood buddies to partners in crime so, you don’t have to explain yourself to them as they already know you inside out. You already have a mental connection and know each other which may benefit your relationship.

Now, let’s count on the cons

Might ruin the friendship

If someone is your best friend then you definitely care about that person and don’t wanna ruin your relationship with that person. When you think about dating your best friend the biggest con of all is that it might ruin your friendship. It is the biggest concern in this situation as friendship with the best friend is always something special and you don’t want anything to do which can ruin it


The first thought that comes to mind when you’re thinking about dating your best friend is that it is gonna be awkward. It can be a very tough challenge to break that wall of awkwardness both physically and emotionally. This is due to the fact that you have known each other for a long period of time.

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