Listing the pros and cons of having rebound sex 


There are times when people tend to take their breakups really hard and get stuck in the dilemma of rebound sex. Talking of rebound sex, there is no harm in hooking up immediately after sex, right? Well, this is actually a debate, and as for your answers, we have a few pros and cons of having rebound sex listed below.


Heightens your mood


Well, this is quite natural that you’ll be heartbroken once you come out of a serious relationship. And while you’re feeling all low and disheartened then a hook up might make you feel a little liberated, and definitely, it will enlighten your mood because c’mon who doesn’t like change, right? So this is probably one of the first pros of rebound sex that it adds some spice to your mood.

A moment of thrill

Now, this is an interesting one, because once you’re in a relationship you can have sex whenever you want, but once you’re single, the chase and the thrill are what acts as a pro for rebound sex. The thrill of how’s it going to be? What is he/she thinking of? All these questions do act as a moment of thrill for having rebound sex.



We know that you just came out of a relationship and you feel like having rebound sex and hooking up with the “no strings attached” kinda commitment. But while we discuss a few cons of having rebound sex, the first one would be having major regrets right after it. If it was a well-thought decision then it might not affect you that much. But if it was an impulsive one, then you might be guilt-ridden the next morning.

Sexual health at risk


This one’s quite obvious because once you have sex with someone you’ve not known then that might risk your sexual health. So, you would want to be careful before making an impulsive decision.

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