Lohri For Newlyweds 2023


Is this your first Lohri celebration after your wedding? Here’s what you need to know.

The harvest festival is celebrated across India with different names. Lohri in Punjab or Makar Sankranti in the west or Pongal in Tamil Nadu marks the end of a season signifying New beginnings. The warmth of the bonfire, happiness in folklore, dancing, and the showers of blessings are all part of the soulful celebration. For the newlyweds, your first Lohri celebration can be filled with joy and meet and greets. Although, there may be a moment when you feel unhinged. Relax! Enjoy the celebrations.

1. Wear Your Mehendi

Mehendi DesignsWho doesn’t love the rich colour of mehendi? Many believe the darker the colour, the deeper the love between the colours. And some would agree it reveals the bond and love between the mother-in-law and the bride. Whatever the background story is, this is the right occasion to have some fun and experiment with designs. Below are some inspirations to choose from in the latest mehendi designs.

2. Choosing Your Lohri Outfit

Lohri Outfit
Image Source: Shaadi Wish

If you are a new bride in the house, there is a load to look your best on this particular day as many guests and relatives arrive. Choose bright colours with mirror work or embroidery for a vibrant look or you can experiment with monotones with different patterns and designs to suit your personality. If you are looking for a classic yet traditional look, choose pastels with sequins. They are game changers and keep your fashion quotient alive.

3. Enjoy With Family

Festivals are all about spending time with family and friends. Spend it in gratitude, peace, guidance and blessings of elders. There is no greater joy. Throw some popcorn in the fire and have a good laugh. A happy bride is the prettiest bride. Remember.