Look Chic, Feel Classy on your Special Day


In the blink of an eye, there is a wedding around the corner. There is a whole bunch of people who are getting married every day. And why not it is the most beautiful thing that a person can experience in his life, especially the girls. They begin to set their hearts on weddings when they were little kids. They have this whole wedding chalked out in their heads considering every single segment from the wedding destination to the wedding reception since the day the wedding date is set.

Who doesn’t adore a lavish wedding? Everybody does, indeed. A wedding is a big deal for young women in comparison to men. For them, a wedding is all about exorbitant makeup, making lehengas more embellishing by adding more details to them, and hair should be on point. It is actually kind of pretty hysterical how some young women want to get married just because they will get to buy new gear and everything. An opulent bride would want everything to be perfect and precise even if it cost them a fortune. A bride will begin with a perfect wedding lehenga and then flawless makeup, quintessential jewellery, exquisite heels, and finally an exemplary wrap-up. Then comes the other things like what cuisine should be served at the wedding or what cutlery should be used and the list goes on and on.

Here are some vital ingredients required in an Indian wedding

    • Extravagant wedding lehengas

      An extravagant lehenga

An extravagant lehenga is one of the most necessary things for a bride. Everything about the lehenga should be top-notch according to the bride. A lehenga is called by different names in diverse states. In Rajasthan, it is called chaniya choli. The wedding lehenga holds great significance in Indian culture. The red colour depicts fire and charity. The white colour lehenga depicts purity and joy. A special kind of embroidery is used on wedding lehengas to make the bride feel special and distinctive.

    • Splendid jewellery is a must

      Jewellery is a must

Once the lehenga gets finalized, then comes the jewellery. Jewellery adds more grace to the bride’s look. A steep yet poised jewellery is the cherry on the cake. Wedding Jewellery straight away adds more relevance to the look of the bride. Wedding jewellery manifests the femininity of the bride and is considered very auspicious in Hindu culture. So, get all dolled up with some elegant jewellery.

    • Glammed up makeup with Chanel

      Makeup from Chanel

Makeup plays all the more important role on a wedding day. Though there is already a wedding glow on a to-be-bride yet makeup is used on her for the purpose of making her look more alluring. Makeup is a necessary part of the wedding and cannot be avoided. Wedding makeup helps the bride look assured and set. Apply some exceptional quality makeup as it does no harm.

    • Fairytale entry to the aisle

      A Royal Entry

This is the part where the bride feels most spesh and a bit edgy. It should not go wrong and for that, her feet have to feel pleasant and warm. Therefore, she has to wear upright sandals which make her feel safe so that she could enjoy her walk. Take care of this relevant point before buying uncomfortable itchy gears.

    • Exclusive wedding song

      Grove to the tunes of “your” song

Time has evolved so has the style of the wedding. Earlier, the bride and groom used to be so shy that they did not dance to a chosen song. But now, the Indian culture has adapted this change from the foreign culture of making a playlist of the songs they will be performing and it is a good adaption one must say. Break a leg on your wedding song!

    • Adorn the place with dazzling ornaments

      An extravagant decoration is mandatory

A wedding feels patchy if the decoration is not right. It sets the ambiance of the wedding. If the decoration is not on point and if the surroundings do not match the vibe it feels like something requisite is missing. Make sure that you devote a sufficient amount of time to deciding what the decoration should be like. Hold on to a theme and make certain everything goes as flat as a pancake.

Thus, a wedding is a very crucial as well as a beautiful thing in a person’s life as it defines the start of a marriage. Have it planned and look up the things you want at your wedding minutely. Take care that it does not get all messed up. And most importantly have fun and make it memorable.

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