Love birds and Married couples what is on hold for you : zodiac for the week


There is no saying to what the future holds but we can try to understand where we stand and correct ourselves according to our zodiac sign’s prediction. Here is this weeks zodiac sign’s prediction about marriage in the future and your current relationships. 

Keep on reading to know what your stars have in hold for you this week in terms of love and marriage 


You will have a healthy relationship with your spouse, there will be progress in terms of family harmony. Love birds can take an important call about a wedding. Unmarried people can find a soul mate. Couples can likely listen to excellent news in terms of a kid.




 hurling bitter remarks at your spouse is not the way to go so try to control your temper this month . You may lose your temper at home, so it is important to avoid being haughty in your personal life. Its best if couples choose to avoid discussing inappropriate topics.




This is quite an exciting month for those in love, couples can expect to make an important decision regarding marriage or get engaged. Single people are likely to find a soul mate in the same place they are looking for or at the workplace it’s a good time to .Understanding with your spouse,  this will particularly  improved now. 




Earlier this week Lovebirds may hold a decision about the wedding. you will try to go out or go to a party with your family members who might suggest a thing or two about marriage to you . if you are already married couples are advised to keep their distance, and to control their tongue 



Lovebirds can transform their relationship into a marriage.The last few days will be good for you in some way. Things will be ready now for you to take big steps in your life. Married couples can try to resolve ego problems with harmony and care within their house.




The love birds will keep patience before taking an important call about the wedding.the month will end on a good note for you through marriage is not on the card at the moment.



You will have less patience this  month so try to handle things gently.your relationships might be a little stagnant since you will be either busy with kids or your personal goals.




At the beginning of the week, you may feel lonely, making a decision that may seem out of place.but Some good news can make you happy as a family. 



Don’t make any important calls this week .but financial both partners will be in a good place this week.Couples can enjoy their love life but stay away from critising people .Family harmony will be improved, but you are advised to control your way of speaking.




Mid-week, you will be blessed with a Positive Moon. Coupl will make some decisions about marriage. Couples can hear the good news about a new kid. you may be arrogant, thus proposing to avoid making any kind of disputes




Love birds are likely to take an important call about their wedding for the planetary combination is in your favoir. Couples who are expecting children can hear the good news, your family and your partner will be of great support to you, it will create an increase in family harmony.