Love horoscope for the week

Real starfield on a dark night


You’re the star of the week, Aries! You’re sure to catch feelings this week so try and keep your emotions in control. If you’re trying to level-up your relationship, this is a great weekend for popping the question. It’s a great week for going on adventures with someone. This could be the start of something new!


It’s the week to build bonds and make them stronger. Big questions and big doubts can be cleared in loving relationships between couples. But be careful about emotions. You will  learn the value of trust and intimacy with your special someone. 


It’s time to wipe your past feelings off and move on. It’s time to find positive lessons from negative experiences and relinquishing emotional baggage. You shouldn’t expect much romance this weekend. 


This is an easy, breezy weekend for your love life, Cancer. The stars are gently nudging you towards the right path for romance, but it’s up to you to take advantage of this 


It’s a total drag for you this week. Try to be emotionally available as you might come off as cold and rude to your loving partner. This is the time to trust in your relationship.

Connect with others, send a message to your  crush , and put yourself out there. Great things can happen if you try.



As spontaneous as you are try to go on an adventure with your special someone, or take your S.O. on a date somewhere that’s not your usual vibe. This going to feel downright magical for you and your loved one.


You will make deep, genuine connections with your special someone this week. But if you’re single you are sure to catch feelings for someone who is not into as much. It’s a confusing week because those who are in a long term relationship might have differences when it comes to commitment talks.


Don’t overthink things, don’t let anxiety hold you back, just keep your eye on the prize and show enough love for your loved ones. It’s the week for connections and complete intimacy.


Your wild and free lifestyle makes it tough for you to settle down and really commit to someone, but this weekend, you’re being asked to do just that. As exciting as flirtationships and flings can be, you’re thinking about how nice it would be to have a love life that’s more sustainable.


You’re looking good, feeling gorgeous, and people are practically lining up just to ask you out. But this weekend, try to focus more on taking initiative and seeking out the things or people you want most for your love life.


Your love life has felt like it’s moving in slow motion lately, but there’s a bit of romantic potential coming your way this weekend. Don’t fight your feeling to get connected.You might decide to end things for good with your ex, rekindle an old connection with an ex or simply upgrade your relationship with your current partner.



take some time to find your favorite new addition to your love life. Connect with your significant other and show care and make bonds which will help your relationship. This well is all about binding and welcoming what the universe is sending your way when it comes to love.


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