Signs your partner is in love with someone else


When you love someone you adore everything about that person and cannot even think of someone else. When you are with them, you are smitten by them and when you are not with them, you cannot think of anything but them. Such is love. But there can be times when there can occur differences between the two of you, and your partner can thus be interested in someone else. At such times, all you can do is observe their behaviour and try to know the truth. Look out for these 4 sure shot signs to know if your partner has fallen in love with someone else.

They are emotionally unavailable

There is no communication between you and your partner. They no longer talk to you the way they used to and no longer share their feelings with you. They simply don’t seem to care and are emotionally withdrawn and unavailable.


They avoid you

If they are interested in someone else, they will try their best to avoid you and social situations that involve family or friends, as they will feel guilty. They don’t answer questions about the future of the relationship and seem to be distant and aloof.

They no longer notice you

They no longer give you compliments the moment you walk out of the door all dressed up since they don’t notice you anymore. They don’t look at you the way they used to and you can simply see that they don’t pay attention to you anymore.


There is no love

The warmth, the affection and the passion is not there anymore. You can sense that something is off between the two of you. You two simply don’t have the same level of understanding as you two used to have. There is no romance between the two of you and all there is coldness.

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