Low Calorie desserts for Weddings


Low Calorie desserts for Weddings

Desserts are an integral part of any wedding, and some people pay a visit just to have them. Their importance cannot be denied as people may forget the wedding but the mouth-watering desserts continue to make them look back at the incredible ceremony you hosted. Also, to make your wedding memorable you need to satisfy the needs of all the guests and one such requirement is ‘Low Calorie Desserts’ for weight watchers. Serving them won’t only excite the guests but also make you stand out of the crowd. Take a look at the following low calorie recipes to serve at your wedding

Orange Angel Food Cake with Fruit Compote

wedding-affair-orange-angel-foodThe cake looks like a fantasy and can make anyone drool over it. The best part is that it is low calorie and having thjis won’t make you feel guilty. This is a gem as it contains 0 grams of fat and beta-caroline and fiber, that helps in fighting Cancer. Surely, the guests will love it.

Big Fudgy Bittersweet Brownies


As mesmerizing as this looks, it tastes even better. This dessert adds to the beautiful display as well as to the appetizing taste. The sweet is guilt free and only contains 250 calories. Who said desserts are full of calories.

Fresh Raspberry-Mousse Almond Crumb Cake


The cake is meant to melt in your mouth and take you to another world. The Fresh Raspberry-Mousse Almond Crumb Cake is easy to make and contains only 250 calories. Its nutrition value includes 12 g total fat  (7 g sat. fat), 30 g carb. (1 g fiber),  5 g protein.

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream


Yes, low calorie ice-cream. The Chocolate banana ice-cream contains just 110 calories. Amaze the guests by serving the this ice-cream which has just one gram fat per serving. You can also have apart from wedding, replacing the sinful desserts loaded with calories.

Gooey and Guiltless Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge


Chocolates are forever love and chocolate made dishes are very important anywhere. Don’t compromise the taste and Order Gooey and Guiltless Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge. The dessert is like killing two birds with one with stone as its taste will mesmerize the guests and simultaneously keep them healthy with its low calories.