Add Lush to your home, Go Spiritually Green


Green Homes_Wedding AffairMen have evolved from their species living in jungles to the men residing in concrete jungles. Should the road to development always run over the green pastures? Spring is around and you still can’t see the blooms. The spiritual reliefs to the mind, the monotony of metal and concrete, and bringing in the freshness at your home are all the common quandaries that plants can resolve. Revive your love for nature and paint your home with tints of the green hue this spring.

As the popular landscape architect Barry W. Starke has said in the fifth edition of ‘Landscape Architecture’, “We have built our homes tight row on dreary row, with little thought of refreshing foliage, clean air or sunlight. Looking about us with a critical eye, we find much to disturb us and shock us. Our cluttered highways, sprawling suburbs and straining cities offend more often than they please.” With this kind of landscape surrounding us, we definitely need a touch of Mother Nature as she is the one who makes us feel to be more in propinquity with peace and prosperity.

It’s time that we give a face-lift to the empty and dull spaces at home, endowing it with an aesthetic touch through the greener shades. A variety of indoor plants positioned at different spots at home give a positive energy, refreshing the exhausted feelings, which hinders the calm and stillness that you should sense in the comforts of your home. These soulful friends will help you wake up to the natural wonders, make you smile more often with the recent sprouts and young buds and above all, surround you with that much-needed vibe to rejuvenate your inner being.

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Indoor plants contribute for a balanced gaseous exchange inside the home. There is no limit on the different indoor plants available to choose from. Some of these like Slipper orchid, Rabbit’s Foot Fern, Peace Lily are good options to go for. While Myer’s Asparagus Fern, Cast Iron Plant, Panda Plant, Swiss Cheese Plant, Wax Plant and the Prayer Plant are few others that could be used to show your green love.

Mr. Ravindra Kabra, owner of Garden Solutions, shares, “Plants and gardens play a very important part in today’s highly pressurised environment filled with stress. They will make all the difference in your work and thinking. People must have a small lawn where there can be some flowering or ornamental plants. If you have a more shady space then you can have those plants which require minimum sunlight. You can add certain elements of clay, particularly, animals like tortoise and camel to enhance the garden.”

The Inside Twist

succulents_Wedding Affair

Succulents have been popular for decorating the corners of the houses. Opting for a compact, small and portable terrarium too would help get an inch closer to this feel of joie de vivre. A terrarium is a great way to incorporate plants into the home décor without overtaking space and sprucing up the house with the right tint of greenery. This would also require the least care.

You can have your share of organic herbs with a little kitchen garden to help straighten your odd days. Along with increasing the green quotient it will even add some organic living to your lifestyle. A kitchen garden can be another playground to find new aromas. Add them as your favorite recipe additions, like dill, rosemary, parsley and basil. While Bonsais have long been incorporated into our decor ethics, they are less frequently spotted inside homes. Those miniature looking trees bring in thoughtful observations taking you deep into introspection. You can play with the creativity with hanging baskets, cute little pots, creepers and floating plants. Green as a whole signifies balance, peace and renewal.

Bring in some flower bulbs if you love the colourful blooms and you will be filled with enthusiasm at their sight. There’s nothing sprayer than a bold bunch of blossoms freshening up a room. These wonderfully fragrant flower bulbs like hyacinths, daffodils and tulips will pep up any space. If too much of soil is what really bothers you and you don’t boast of a big space, then surely air plants with their slender triangular leaves and attractive funnel-shaped flowers can facilitate in maintaining your green love. These don’t require soil and bring a contemporary look with them. Sunbathe and water twice or thrice a week is all they need in return of their modish appeal.

Getting the Outside Right

vertical gardens_Wedding Affair

Redeveloping your patio or the backyard to get a greener pasteur is an idea that doesn’t even require a second thought. A greener patio means a healthy place for you to relax and soothe your senses while resting in an armchair or munching on some snacks and listening to some music. It can be a companion, a part for your creative activities and thinking, and maybe, writing, if you like. A special corner of its own, this section of your house would definitely become your most loved corner. Adding some woody blocks, a fountain mimicking a natural one and a bird house to your deck will unquestionably enhance the look of your garden.

How about a vertical garden if being low on space is the thing troubling you? These living walls would look like a green gallery wall. Though setting it up requires a lot of planning and care, but once mounted you needn’t worry much about them. They are usually irrigated with automatic systems, having too less to be done from your side.

Though, the trend of faking greenery with artificial plants is on a rise, we advise you to abstain from it. Invest some free time to DIY plants and their pots. These are the best ways to mend a bad day at office or to ease out your stress. Be the creator of your pots, show your artistic side and at the end, feel the vibes of success touching you with such beautiful output. Let the spring blossom inside your home this time. Take a break from those techie delights and pamper yourself among these blooms to pervade into the air of comfort