Maang Tikka Vs Matha Patti- Are You Confused?


Maang tikka vs Matha Patti is undeniably the biggest confusion a bride faces while finalizing her D-day look. Both of them are equally alluring and have their distinctive appeal that it is just hard to pick only one. But alas, you gotta make this choice and reject either of the two. You can’t also take this decision lightly because your head jewellery defines your overall look and gets attention in all your photos. Further, your face shape and size of the forehead are other key factors you must keep in mind while picking between a matha patti and a maang tikka. Once you have decided which one to go for, do not forget on checking out our most favourite maang tikkas and matha patti designs that we spotted on real brides.


Get. Set. Scroll. And Stun Like A Diva At Your Wedding!

  • Brides with round face must refrain from wearing matha pattis as they further make your face rounder. Opt for maang tikkas with vertical tikkas (like diamond-shaped) to create an illusion of a longer face.

  • If you have a square face shape, we suggest you opt for a matha patti. It will impart a little roundness to your face. You can also consider wearing a passa.

  • The ones with an oval-shaped face are truly blessed in this case as both matha patti and maang tikka look equally great on them. 

  • It is better to wear a delicate maang tikka if you have a short forehead. Yet if you wish to don a matha patti, opt for a sleek design. Oversized jewels are a big NO. However, the brides with a big forehead can embrace either of the two depending upon their personal preference and shape of the face.

  • The brides with a narrow yet long face-cut must opt for chunky matha pattis. A broad matha patti will add some width to the face. In case you want to opt for a maang tikka then avoid vertical tikka designs.

  • Does your face boast of a narrow forehead and wide cheeks? Well, you can rock both of them with equal elan. But make sure whether you choose a maang tikka or a matha patti, it should be dainty and delicate. 

  • Matha pattis generally lend a heavier bridal look whereas maang tikkas impart a sense of minimalism. 

  • The overall size of your face is another determining factor while stuck between the conundrum of matha patti vs maang tikka. The science is simple here. Bigger baubles look great on big faces. On the other hand, brides with small face size should embrace delicate and dainty designs.

  • Also, matha patti is not usually a great option for the brides with a small face.

  • Some designs of both matha patti and maang tikkas despite the shape and size of your face. So put on your entire jewellery ensemble and the bridal blouse (if possible), and then try choosing between maang tikka and the matha patti.

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