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Who doesn’t want their hair to be healthy and shiny all the time and flaunting them to the world is their desire that they can’t deny. According to Mr Sanket Shah, CEO and Managing Director of Advanced Hair Studio ( India and the Middle East, “Lack of awareness around hair maintenance lead to hair damage and hair loss from where it is hard to get back. Hence, a slight alteration in the daily routine coupled with correct guidance around the hair care regime can improve the hair health for the long run”. This season Advanced Hair Studio ( is giving you some tips and tricks to follow and get the mane of your dreams with minimal efforts.

1) Hair And Body Hydration: For reducing the risk of dry and itchy scalp, make sure to drink the required amount of water to keep your system hydrated. Because drinking enough water will help keep the scalp and hair naturally moisturised.

2) Oiling: The age-old method to keep the mane healthy and shiny is to keep oiling your scalp. Oiling will eventually improve blood circulation and strengthens root and reduces hair loss.

3) Regular Conditioning: Shampoo helps to cleanse the hair and scalp whereas moisturising helps in maintaining hair health and retains natural oil.

4) Avoid Heat-Styling Products: Excessive use of anything could be harmful in one way or another, it’s better to not use heating products in huge quantity because it ultimately damages your hair.

5) Regular Trims: For healthy mane, it’s better to get your hair trimmed in the span of 6-8 weeks. Split ends not only appear worse but also ruin the healthy mechanism of hair.

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