Maintaining The Post-Wedding Glow Like A PRO


Weddings as we all know how tedious it gets with each function. No matter how fun all the wedding activities behold but in the end, it literally drains the energy from the people, especially from the bride. After the wedding, brides usually start to ignore and skip those beauty and fitness rituals that they’ve tried months before their special day and hence beginning to lose their special charismatic appearance. Here are some tips for you to follow to get that special glow back.

1) Minimal Makeup

Although you can’t deny the fact that once you’re married and officially given the title of ‘newly-wed’ you don’t get many options in denying the makeup, after all, you are the new-bahu of the house and should be presentable all the time. To keep your skin prepared for the worst make sure to apply minimal makeup and look more appealing than before.

2) A Good Night Sleep

It’s a bit hard, but you need to take complete eight hours sleep for your health as well as for your mind’s prosperity.

3) Hydration On The Go

Keep yourself hydrated. You already know the benefit of staying hydrated, just like you followed staying hydrated pre-wedding follow it post your wedding too.

4) Follow The Basic Beauty Regimen

Cleansing-Toning-Moisturising is what everyone should follow rigorously. With its massive great effects on the skin, it ultimately becomes one of the favourites and must follow-up beauty rituals.

5) Indulge In Some Physical Activity

Getting involved in the whole wedding festivities might make you a bit lazy. But don’t try to go with the flow, start your exercise regimen as soon as possible before gaining that excess fat that you’ve lost while preparing yourself for the wedding.

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