Major Rituals Before The Wedding Day


Weddings are a cosmic affair all over the world and in India, they hold a great value. Indians celebrate weddings like festivals. Just as we start preparing for the festivals a week before Indians do that with the weddings also. Indian weddings have so many pre-wedding rituals that the list is long and every ritual holds immense significance.

There are so many rituals that take place before a wedding but there are some major functions that have huge importance. These are Roka, Engagement, Haldi, Mehendi, and Sangeet ceremony and everyone has to dress in accordance with the ceremony, especially the bride. This blog is for all those who are looking to understand the importance of pre-wedding rituals.

    • Roka Ceremony

      The First Step Toward The Big Day

Roka ceremony is the first pre-wedding function where the bride and the groom are asked for their consent for marriage officially and after they give their consent a small function is organised in which only the closest members of the bride’s and groom’s family are invited. It is a low-key function. A priest is called to the ceremony and he gives the official date of the wedding after considering all the factors. So, it can be called the first giant step toward the big day.

    • Engagement Ceremony

      Exchanging of Rings

The engagement ceremony also called the ring ceremony is the second pre-wedding function. Here, the bride and the groom put rings on each other’s ring fingers which officially gives them the title of being engaged and are called fiance and fiancee. They are introduced to each other’s relatives. The ring ceremony is also done in accordance with the muhrat.

    • Haldi Ceremony

      It was all yellow!

Haldi is the third and one of the most auspicious ceremonies that take place before the wedding. On this day, guests start arriving at the house, and a festival-like atmosphere is formed. The families of the bride and the groom apply Haldi (turmeric) on their bodies as Haldi is considered the ingredient of prosperity and hope. It also works as a beauty element. It is the most fun ritual before the wedding.

    • Mehendi Ceremony

      Applying Henna on your hands is quite auspicious

Mehendi Ceremony is the fourth function before the wedding. it is held on the next day of the Haldi ceremony. It is a ritual that defines positive essence and good luck. Mehendi has pure herbs which are good for nails. All the family members of the bride’s and the groom’s family take part in it and apply a bit of Mehendi on the hands of the bride and the groom as it is a tradition in most of families. It also relieves the bride and the groom from all the hassle of the wedding.

    • Sangeet Ceremony

      Dance your heart out on your sangeet

The sangeet ceremony is held one day before the wedding day. It is one of the most talked about functions before the wedding day. In this ceremony, people eat, sing, and dance their hearts out. Its main purpose is to reduce the stress and seriousness of the wedding and have one night and fully enjoy and relish the moment. People get dressed in their best outfits and the main focus stays on the bride and the groom.

The wedding day holds great significance but the pre-wedding functions are as much important as the wedding. Honour every single ceremony with utmost honesty and joy. Seize every moment as these are times you will cherish for a lifetime. Every ceremony has its own relevance and spur. Hence, do not leave any ceremony.

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