If you are an engaged couple, the only thought running through your head right now must be to find a palatial venue. In the culturally opulent state of Maharashtra, Pune renders a place perfectly resplendent and grand to be the ideal setting as your wedding venue. Spanning across 25 acres of intense greenery in the southern part of Pune, the Corinthians is a place where you can get hitched while being close to nature. The architecture of the resort is so brilliant, it compels you to take a second glance. The resort is a fusion of Greek and Egyptian designs. The Corinthians era reflects the story of a bygone era and is regal to the hilt.  

Don’t worry about your guests as they are going to have many visual delight delights to relish, as the resort promises many numerous mesmerising vistas. In fact, they will have plenty of options at their disposal to indulge themselves in. For instance, the resort offers impeccable spa and salon services; the fitness freaks can hit the gym and sweat out the calories. The resort provides a twenty-four into seven-hour effective hospitality services. Moreover, the plush five-star resort can easily accommodate 250- 3500 guests. The ambience of the resort is peaceful and, so it won’t have you feeling tired and enervated even after daylong ceremonies. Furthermore, the catering services of the resort render a host of options like Rajasthani, Gujarati, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines to choose from.

The resort is tranquil and serene. Hence, making it a perfect backdrop for your special wedding. Hold up an intimate wedding here and you will come back with a bagful of happy and joyful memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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