Make-Up Essentials to Include in Your Bridal Touch-Up Kit


Make-up is an essential part of the wedding day. It helps the bride in looking the best version of herself on her big day. It makes her look amazing and help in accentuating her best features.

And in order to achieve her best look every bride tries to find the best make-up artist in the market available. But, wedding can last for hours especially Indian weddings which are generally quite long. So, it is imperative that after some time the well done makeup will lose its glow because of sweat, eating, heat and many more reasons. Thus, having an emergency touch up kit will help the bride in keeping her makeup fresh and good looking for the whole night.

Following are some of the essentials which the bride can keep in her emergency touch up kit.

    • Lipstick

Probably one of the most important items in the list as it can easily vanish or get erased because of eating or drinking anything. It is best to have a lipstick of the same shade in your kit to reapply it after eating and drinking anything. This will save the bride from a lot of stress.

Lipstick is a must-have in your kit
    • Q-tips

Wedding is an emotional event and being the bride, you are bound to shed a tear or two at the event. Having some Q-tips handy will ensure that your mascara or liner can’t be ruined because of tears. Q-tips can also help in removing any access makeup without much effort.

Always have some Q-tips handy
    • Blotting sheets

It can get quite hot during weddings, especially if you have a big gathering or are getting married in summer. Having some blotting sheets will ensure that no excess oils or sweat result in extra shine on your face and ruin your makeup. Blotting sheets will make sure that your makeup stays the same and will also absorb extra oil from our skin.

Absorb excess oil with the help of these
    • Compact Powder

Compact Powder will ensure that your Makeup maintains its perfect matte finish even after a long time. It will ensure that your skin does not get extra oily or sweaty. Having a good compact handy will save you from any makeup disaster on your big day.

Compact Powder will ensure a matte look
    • Concealer

Finally, having a concealer handy will help you fix any makeup mishap. Just use some Q-tips to apply it and you makeup will be as good as new. You can invest in a travel size concealer to avoid the hassle of taking care of the big bottle of it.

Concealer is your best friend

Therefore, having a touch-up kit will ensure that your makeup remains perfect throughout your wedding. You will look your best in pictures even after a long time and will be able to enjoy your wedding stress-free.

Image Source: Healthy Smoothies to Get that Beautiful Bridal Glow

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