Make Way for Brides: 4 Ways to Quirk Up your Bridal Entries!



Why let anyone decide your bridal steps? It’s time for you to take the strings into your own hands and decide on making a perfect way for you to enter your fairytale wedding. Have a look at a few quirky ways for the brides to make a rocking entry at their own wedding ceremony.

A ferry” land!!
Why are we still sticking to the ground? Well, speaking of quirky bridal entries if you’re planning on a lakeside destination wedding well then you divas can definitely think of making an entry via boat rides or some vintage ferry rides. Sounds cool huh? These ferry rides will definitely give you a fairytale wedding. So, just diss your usual bridal walk, and go get your groom through the pretty waters.

Paw-sitive entry?!
How about a Paw-sitive entry? Well, yes we know that we spelled that wrong, but just take the hint, we’re talking about making a cool entry with your pets. Are you a pet lover, and do you want your pet to be a highlighting part of your wedding? Well, then it’s decided, get a tux for your pet as he/she is about to help you make a #Cool entry on your fairytale wedding.

With your man!

There is no such compulsion that you’re supposed to enter alone or maybe with your bridesmaids or brothers for that matter. You can always break the monotony and think of making a #heroic entry with the man of your dreams. Just imagine how cool and adorable will you look making an entry with your  “groom-to-be”. Just get your lehengas ready and your makeup on point as you’re about entering with your beau, so you better look your best.


Dance your way in!!
Well, it’s just too old school for the bride to shy away and look all blushy while entering the wedding venue. Let’s just rule out these monotonous old-school ways and go all quirky on your own wedding. You can ask the DJ to queue your favorite number and you can dance your way into your own fairytale. Set your dance moves right and let everyone stalk your moves and give all the #bridalgoals to all the leading ladies out there.

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