Make way for macramè: home decor edition 


We seldom tend to get excited when we discuss certain home decor ideas and guess what we have something even more exciting here today. Are you aware of the charms of macramè decor? If not then here we have a list of ways we can inculcate macramè decor in our homes. Have a look!!

Twisted plant hanger


Both indoor plants and macrame design are extremely in right now so why not merge the two designs. People are always looking for unique and different planters but nothing will look as aesthetically pleasing as macrame twisted plant hangers. It gives the whole place a completely different vibe, just put a beautiful plant in it and see the magic. You can grab these planters in many different colors according to your taste.

Dreamy fiber art


Whenever you’re designing your home you’re always looking for new ideas and new designs which will make your home shine the brightest and macrame fiber art is just the thing that you’re looking for. There are so many dreamy fiber arts that you can choose from, and each art piece is unique in its own way. Usually, these art pieces come in pairs as they compliment each other and give your place a dreamy vibe.

Macramè curtains

Are you guys fond of taking amazing aesthetic images? Well, if you are then we would suggest you cover your windows with some amazing macramè curtains. This way your room or your living area would look all #BohoChic and it is also a feasible option when it comes to lighting, shade, and your privacy. You can try and find the ones with a pretty boho macramè decor right on the top of the curtains a flowing cotton drape on the lower end.

Macramè hanging chair


Well, who wouldn’t love a boho kinda wall chair in their bedrooms or their balconies for that matter? the charms of the macramè fabric lies in its ability to make anything look luxurious and statement-worthy. And while we speak of macramè home decor then you should definitely try and find someplace for a mini macramè chair hanging in the corner of your bedrooms with a quirky pillow on the same.

Puffy pillows

It’s time to snuggle!! because we have a quirky idea for all of you to style your pillows and cushions in a different way. While we discuss macramè home decor then you can always buy out some off-white macramè pillow coverings for your room as well as your living areas, what say? Sounds cool right?!

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