Make way for mandaps: 4 ways to style your In house wedding mandap


Do you belong to the “keeping it minimal” kinda section in terms of wedding decor? Well, if you do, then let us tell you that there is nothing more minimalistic than DIYs themselves. What according to you is the most important part of wedding decor? Of course, there are a lot of segments to be covered, but I guess the mandap decor is like the most intricate and important one, what say? So, if you’re planning to have an “in-house” wedding then we have a few DIY ideas to be taken into account while setting up your mandap. 

Themed Canopy

Well, now is the time to ask all your ladies to hand over their extra scarves, or shall we say dupattas to carve out a perfectly beautiful canopy for your mandap. You can always choose a theme color based on the and rest of the decorations. For instance, if you choose the base theme to be that of pastel blue then you can get hold of all the drapes in the form of dupattas or even scarves in the color required. Tie those all together up in the center with a help of your planners and, Tadaaa!! There you have a perfectly DIY curated mandap canopy. 

Pretty Little hangings 

Are you the kind of person who requires their decor to be the best, but without any extra efforts or like and without spending too much? Well, then we have a perfect solution for your in-house mandap decor. You can always choose to enhance the look of your wedding mandap with pretty little hangings. Now, where will those hangings come from is probably your question, right? Well, you can use your shiny bangles or even buy them in your themed color or, you can always go for the bridal kaleras to hang them up in equal intervals with bangles. That way your mandap will give you all the classy yet blingy vibe you need. 

Roses are red…

This one is for all the rose lovers out there!! Speaking of House DIY mandap styles, then this could possibly be the easiest to execute and the most beautiful to look at. You can get dozens and dozens of roses, and style your entire mandap, from canopy to the four pillars with those roses. Fill it to the brim with the essence of roses just to give it a luxurious yet floral vibe. 

The magic of fairy lights

If you’re planning on executing your in-house wedding in a garden or even a terrace well then the best equipment that contributes to a perfect mandap setting is fairy lights. You can always make use of battery-operated fairy lights draped on all the pillars, on the canopy, and even on the hangings. This way your in-house mandap will give you an all-time glamorous vibe. 

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