Make your house snug this winter


he holiday season brings with itself an eternal craving for hot chocolate and everything warm and cosy. It is that time of the year that unravels our laze tendencies like never before and the thought of leaving the bed almost feels revolting. But no matter what, one has got to be on the grind every day. Therefore it is extremely important that when you come back home after battling deadlines and incessant nagging of your boss, you need your home to be cosy and warm enough to make you forget all your worries and just invite you to simply sit back and relax. Henceforth, Wedding affair has got you covered and we bring to you a list of a few undemanding and simple additions that you can make to your house in order to make it snug as a bug (in a rug) for this winter season.

Scented Candles

WinterAn important element that many times people forget to incorporate in their homely setup are scented candles. These might appear to be insignificant because of their small size. But believe it or not, they make a huge difference to the whole cushy factor of your home. And also add an aesthetic touch to it, winter or not.

 Cute And Cosy Cushions

WinterIt is a blatant fact that your house can never have enough or excess of pillows and cushions. Throw in a bunch of more cushions with different designs and patterns on your bed or living room couch to affix an accent to your home. You can play with the texture of these cushions to accentuate the cosiness around your place in winter. And plus mismatched cushions look super cute any day.

Fuzzy Throw Blankets

There’s nothing better than enjoying a good book or a good movie while being wrapped inside a fuzzy warm blanket on an armchair on a Sunday evening while you crib about getting up early the next morning at the same time. Yes, having a few snuggly throw blankets here and there around your house in winter would never hurt anybody.  

Rug It Up

Do you know what’s a nightmare? Waking up from a comfy, nice sleep, all ready to conquer the day, but then accidentally landing your feet on glacier-like floors instead of your slippers. Yeah, even the thought is simply painful. Therefore, adding rugs around your house in this season can be a real lifesaver and plus they too make the house really inviting in winter. 

Green Plants

Plants are one of those few things that turn one’s ‘house’ into one’s ‘home’. Putting potted green plants around the house would not only make your residence appear to be more full but also add colour and freshness to it in the winter. There are a variety of indoor plants that you can choose from. And can have them either placed by the corners in quirky planters. Or on fancy tables and stools or hanging from the ceiling.

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