Make your sisters rejoice this Raksha Bandhan: The ultimate gift guide



With Raksha Bandhan literally right round the corner, all the brothers ought to be dripping with sweat and panting with anxiety, trying to find answers to one nightmare-inducing question; “What should I get for my sister?” There is the age-old solution of resorting to giving money, of course. But it’s a very impersonal way of saying ‘I care’, so instead of giving the envelope that’s handed to you by your mother, gift your sister something that will bring a smile to her face, something that will be cherished and remembered. And while there isn’t any foolproof solution to this dilemma, we do have a couple of ideas that might take you out of this pickle.

  1. Sweet Tooth

    Chocolate is the way to a girl’s heart and there is no denying this! Tickle the sweet tooth and buy her a bouquet of chocolates, an assorted basket of her favourite chocolates or chocolates that are customized to symbolize the festival.

  1. Harmonious Bond
    Beats by Dr. Dre

    Listening to music is the ultimate way of unwinding and rejuvenating. And if your sister loves her music just as much as she love you (or even more), then she will worship you for buying her earphones or headphones that not only look fashionable but are trustworthy. Brownie points for sound cancellation obviously!

  1. Some Swarovski

    Gifting your sister a piece of jewellery is bound to get you in her good books, but a unique twist to that is presenting her a pen filled with Swarovski crystals and topped off with a cute little charm. This gift would fulfill the criteria of practicality and thoughtfulness at the same time.


  2. Colour me crazy
    Colouring book for adults

    Give your sister an insight into her childhood days by gifting her colouring books that are meant for adults. These will not only have an element of healthy nostalgia, but also help her to reduce stress and get more creative. (available on Amazon)

  3. Tech Buzz
    Sillicone case by Mango People
    Unicorn power bank by Mango People

    Indulge in little gadget-friendly gifts and purchase quirky phone covers or portable chargers. They are unique and playful, and will definitely make your sister rejoice. Choose from a magical unicorn or a mystical mermaid shell, either way your sister will consider herself lucky to have a brother with such good taste. (available on

    So splurge on the gifts that’ll make your sister(s) happiest, there is no limit to pampering them after all! But this Raksha Bandhan, ditch the envelope and go personal. Make an effort to make your sister smile, she truly deserves it.