Making way for the green


Indoor plants can extensively contribute to the purification of air inside our homes. Today, the air quality index is usually about two to five times higher than the one recorded outside. To induce responsible living, architects are designing energy efficient buildings by redu cing consolidated carbon footprint. However, in a progressive world, this alone cannot suffice as a solution. The easiest way to embrace health into your homes is by inviting heaps of saplings and greenery, shedding love and happiness around you.

Understanding The Idea

Why does peace reside in the hearts of green forests and valleys? For long, green has been the colour of life, creation, nature and soulful energy. A glance at the trees spiralling the park near you can alone bring the feeling of a restart in your mundane life. 


Behind soundproof floor-to-ceiling glass windows, it is the magic of these reticent plants that bestow us with the gift of health. All that they exchange for a few drops of water are dialogues of immense love and purification that come with an easy installation. To wave this magic into your home, raise your wand and drive yourself to the nearest nursery; begin procurement. Understanding our growing need and desire to adopt these ‘life-givers’, nurseries are brimming with all sorts of installation essentials including acrylic terrariums, decorative ceramic pots and much more. 

Conceptualising Is An Art

Designing a place can take an entire wall of idea-spitting post its. This is where lines of clarity need to be drawn. Not all ideas can transmute into beautiful designs. Begin with a fine blueprint of your house. Outline the areas that you wish to dip in verdancy. Categorise these areas into those receiving abundant and scarce natural light. This step will help identify the species and types of plants suitable for the place. 

Moss wall masterpieces add a great sense of character to any living room. You can install preserved or artificial moss walls in a plywood frame with all your creativity. Do-it-yourself soil kits are available online which can guide you through the entire installation process. Mood, Sheet or Reindeer forms of moss come in an array of colours and can be paired well with dried twigs from your backyard. Living moss is known to maintain cooler levels of temperature while balancing the natural moisture.


Rules Of The Green

Remember how precisely you packed for your last camping trip? Well, this is going to be similar as well. To play your cards right, it is highly imperative to consider certain dos and don’ts. 

  1. Great designs come at a price. When you invite your green friends in the house, beware of the pack of bugs and mosquitos that might along uninvited. House spiders, aphids and mealybugs can become your new guests if proper care is not taken.
  2. Time may be a constraint with some of you; customary routine maintenance can be hired externally. 
  3. Some plants can grow under limited sunlight. Rotation of planters in your house can be done for better absorption of light. Every week, a day in the sun can ensure their nourishment.
  4. Avoid making common mistakes made by those naive at ‘nursery living’. Jumping enthusiasm to take your home’s decor to the next level is great, but hiring a planting guide is a better idea.
  5. Do not decide to get plants in your house because everyone else is. You wouldn’t appreciate watching them die without appropriate care. 
  6. Many air-breathing plants can be harmful to your pets in the habit of nibbling leaves. Consider the same before selecting the type of plants you wish to invest in.

When you decide to go green, do not overload your design making it appear a jungle. It is essential to remember that better living does not only mean planting green in the house. It also means reducing your individual carbon-footprint in our lives. In the end, it is us who need a better environment and the first leap in doing so begins with us.

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