Man With The Magical Moves: Terence Lewis


Terence Lewis, the eminent choreographer who made a thunderous entry into the international arena with his swift and perfect sways, inspired us all to believe in what our heart seeks and follow our dreams! His only focus in life is ‘To Never Lose Ground’, literally!


Here’s Terence Lewis in an exclusive, tell all interview with Wedding Affair magazine!

Terence: I was born and raised in Mumbai in a catholic family. My parents, Xavier Lewis and Teresa Lewis, belonged to the working class. Growing up was as interesting as it can be with seven elder siblings. As a kid, I danced with my brothers and sister and sing in the church choir. We had our own singing, dancing and acting production. Later in ,I went to St. Xaviers College, wherein I joined the theater society. Basically, I’ve always been creating, organising and managing things.

No matter how mainstream this sounds, no creative person can glide through life without a touch of magic. Being a choreographer was never on his checklist, infact he enjoyed the pleasures of life through his teaching stunts.

Terence: I was more inclined towards teaching and taught on and off at various dancing institutes. I was not focused back then. Dancing was not even respected as a profession. At the age of 22,  I discovered my true calling and realized I wanted to be a choreographer. I trained in jazz, ballet and contemporary dance at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance in New York and since then I have been into choreographing. It is never an over night journey, it took me 20-22 years to reach where I am today.

Like any other humble boy brought up amidst the love of true blood, Terence Lewis counts the blessings that were showered on him because of the support and love of his wonderful family.

Terence: My sense of good fashion and clothing comes from my mother. She is really good with clothes, in terms of design, style and keeping it clean. My sense of involvement is a gift from my father. Whenever he was indulged in an activity, he forgot all about eating, drinking, or sleeping. Whatever I would have taken up in life, gardening, fashion- absolutely anything else- I would have made best use of these two abilities that I’ve inherited.

Speaking of his abilities and achievements, he points out, “To make an entry into the Guinness Book Of World Records will be my ultimate feat someday.”1798-Terence-Lewis-Dance-Academy

Struggle is a constant phase in every successful artist’s life. No one has been crowned with popularity and stardom without having to face strenuous times.
Terence: Getting into films was a challenge for me! Choreographing for films was something that I didn’t enjoy much initially. The amount of waiting that it involves made me lose interest. Also, I don’t like parties or go to discotheques, that is a major turn off for the ‘socializing’ sector.

We are all dreamers, but some have the potential and determination to make their dreams come true. He is come a long way but does not call this his destination. Looking forward to the vast ocean of opportunities, he says: “Becoming a director and probably an actor is another dream. I had always wanted to enjoy the shows that are popular and renowned world over. Marking India on the map of the world, in terms of dancing/ choreography is my dream.

The contemporary king of Bollywood who has choreographed many a romantic delight for television and films opens up about his idea of romance.

Terence: Romance for me is the ability to surrender. Also, being able to be with someone without the intention of owning that person.


You are passionate about: Dancing only!
Your favorite holiday destination: Goa and Bali
Favorite food: Dal, chawal and achaar
Favorite movie: The Song Of Sparrows & 3 Idiots
Ideal Woman: My mother
Ideal Date: Salma Hayek 
Beauty or brains- what would you pick? Both
Love is: Everything
Best compliment you’ve ever received: ‘Badi fursat mein banaya hoga khuda ne tujhe.’

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