Mandap decors for your big day


For the celebration, the foremost task is to ensure that it is beautifully decorated. Stunning decoration at the Wedding ceremony sets the mood of the party and leaves an everlasting impression on guests. Sober ornamentation of the overall wedding setup should be soothing to the viewers’ eyes. However, the mandap’s decoration must be extraordinary and eye-catching because it is that sacred place where two souls bind into a relationship that has to last for their next seven births. 

Elegant Regal Mandap


If you are a big fan of the Mughal empire’s contributions to building ancient architecture, then you would love to take your vows under an elegant regal mandap. Furnished with the aura of yesteryears, reminding oneself of the undying grandeur of Royalty, this mandap setup is the best substitution for a luxurious wedding. 

Destination Wedding Mandap

After planning a destination wedding, you might be struggling to find an exquisite idea to have a flawlessly decorated wedding mandap. Whether your chosen location is a seaside or a hill station, the floral mandap with its evergreen elegance will look more than perfect! Close to nature, where you will be celebrating the biggest day of your life, believe me, you would love it all adorned in fresh flowers and linen curtains.   

Dreamy Pheras


Aspiring to organise your wedding ceremony indoors? If you have booked an indoor location for the mandap and are seeking ways to make it look dreamy, then you must directly go for the pastel shades. An amazing lighting setup will doubtlessly add an extra pinch of refinement! Beautiful lighting equipped with floral décor and hangings surrounding the mandap is a complete package for a dreamy mandap setup.