Mascara tips for the most legit lashes ever!


Finding the perfect mascara is hard, but your technique is just as important and can improve even the most basic mascara formula. Over the years, we’re tried and tested tons of hacks; some of them were amazing, and some were slightly disappointing. Today, we’re sharing the best tips and hacks we’ve ever tried, from how to avoid clumps, how to make your mascara last longer, and how to prevent smudging. Check out our go-to mascara hacks for long, legit lashes!

1. For Easy Clean-Up: Apply Mascara First

If you’re not planning on wearing eyeshadow – and therefore don’t need to worry about the fallout on your lashes – apply your mascara before your foundation. This gives you free rein to be as messy as you like without messing up your makeup – let’s be real, it’s so much easier to get better lashes when you don’t need to be careful of your flawless cut crease. Clear up messy lids with a little micellar water or eye makeup remover on a Q-tip, then apply your foundation and powders as usual.

2. To Avoid Clumping: Wipe Your Wand

For super fluttery lashes, wipe your mascara wand lightly on a tissue to remove any excess formula from your brush. This will help you avoid unwanted clumps or flaking.

3. For a Full Lash Finish: Layer-Up Before Your Lashes Dry

Applying mascara to already dried mascara more often than not turns out looking clumpy. After all, If it dries clumpy, no amount of brushing on more formula will change that. When building up mascara, layer gradually and do one eye at a time so you can continue to brush through the formula while it’s wet, until you’re happy with the length and volume you’ve built.

4. The Ultimate Hack: 2 Mascaras are Better Than 1

To get the best results, always combine a mascara with volumizing powers with another that has lengthening or curling properties. By combining two different brushes and formulas, you get the best of both worlds, and you can work the formulas to flatter your lashes. For example, if you have short lashes, you can load up on a lengthening mascara, then add a volumizing formula for a full lash finish. Similarly, if you have straight lashes, find a wand that curls your lashes, and then layer a lengthening, volumizing formula on top.

5. For A Fox Eye: Focus on the Outer Corners

For a cat-eye wing, focus the formula at the outer corners, pulling your lashes towards your ears. This mascara look is seriously trending RN as it helps create a sexy fox-eye effect.

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