Matching Tattoos to Get with Your Partner


Finally, found the love of your life and want to seal the deal? Well, it is time to step onto another phase of your life and find something familiar to do together (except Netflix and Chill) and get matching tattoos! Not only is this a trending behavior amongst couples and friends these days, but also a great way to share your love and show how you are to each other for existing. Today we shall have a look at some not-so-common, engaging, meaningful, and inspirational tats that you can get with your partner just when you know they are the one!

  • Maps
Choose your favorite location to ink.

This is one of the deepest tattoos you can get with your boo. Think of a place where you guys first met, somewhere you love to hang out together, or maybe a spot where you confessed your feelings to each other. Now think of getting it inked forever on your body as a reminder of what you have for one another. You need not get a huge map, just a minimalistic replica of the place that holds utmost importance. So be it a cafe, a city map, a country map, or even a monument. Find the right spot, and you are good to go.

  • Sun and Moon
Partners always.

You must have heard the stories about how the Sun and Moon were best friends in childhood. Aren’t you both the same? Just the way the Sun and Moon radiate energies that are considered to be parallel, we are sure you both compliment each other just the way you are. These stars are always around and the perfect display of affection. So when do you get one?

  • Constellation
Let the stars do the talking.

Oh, this one is magnificent! All you need to do is know the sun sign or moon sign of your partner (of course, they remember your birthday!) and look up what the astrological constellation for the sign looks like. Then, decide on one mutual location on your body, like the wrist, the nape, or even your ankles, and engrave what’s yours! Stars on your skin, and especially those which are aligned with your partner, what a dreamy thing to be.

  • 11:11
Angelic number for an angelic bond.

We don’t even need to explain this, and you already know what this means (we’re not teary, you are). 11:11 represents luck, faith, wishes, and magic! This is a go-to idea for a tattoo if you want to get it done with your other half. Minimalist at its core, this inspiration is a significance of sync and coincidence. And meeting each other at some point in your life would definitely be the most fascinating thing ever.

  • TV Series or Movie
This FRIENDS tv show inspiration.

Indeed, you must have matched endless movies and series together and could relate to 1000 things. But there must be something, a dialogue, a quote, or a song that gives you both chills about each other, and a sudden realization hits you about how precious the other person is. Like – “Three words. Eight letters. Say it, and I’m yours.” – Gossip Girl, or “Love conquers all” – The Fault in Our Stars. This time let your partner choose the right words and ink them straight away.

  • Lock and Key
The key to all my problems.

If your boo is the answer to all your questions if they help you unlock the most hideous and confined part of yourselves, or if they are always beside to support you and help you make the right decision, getting a Lock and Key tattoo is the right choice for you. Symbolic in its own way, this idea feels like a complete round trip around your relationship. The key to your happiness and the safe place for all your worries is your other half.

  • LOVE
Together we are complete.

The ultimate idea inspiration for a couple tattoo that is cliche but never gets old is the LOVE tattoo. You can simply get the word tatted on your body or can give it a unique twist by breaking the word into halves and splitting it on each other’s skin. So, for example, one of you could get LO, and the other could get VE, and together you make LOVE (grabs a tissue). Another variation to add to this theme is to include a heartbeat to the word in a way like or replace the LO-VE with half hearts (just saying, you know).

  • Puzzle Pieces
Putting all the pieces together.

Only one thing to say – You complete me. Isn’t that enough said already? Puzzles have been a part of our lives since the very beginning. From bringing pieces together back in the days to resolving critical situations in adulthood, we all grew up. And when you find someone who completes the puzzle of your life, life takes a full circle. You can play so much with this concept, like getting the classic puzzle squares on your body or replacing the puzzle with a game of your choice.

Okay, so this was all about the tattoos that you can get with your spouse and express how much you value them from deep down at your core. So we would love to see if these inspired you or helped you think of something else more intense.