Matchmaking Queen Sima Taparia is Back with a Bang!!


After the success of Matchmaking Season 1, Netflix has once again renewed the show on audience’s demand for a second season. The reality show got mixed reviews from the audiences and also received some criticism. The famous matchmaker, Sima Taparia is back with the reality series and is on a quest to find a perfect life partner for her clients.

The Plot

This reality show is about Mumbai-based Matchmaker, Sima Taparia who takes us on a ride with her as she tries to fix arrange marriages for her high-end clients in US and India. Taparia’s clients hire her to find a suitable match for them according to their “criteria”. Then, she networks and tries to find a match suitable for them. This first begins by exchanging bio data, then the kundalis of the couples are matched and finally, both meet each other, usually with their families.

This show put India on the map with regards to the concept of Indian marriages. It also helped people understand the customs and beliefs of Indian society.

The Protagonist: Sima Taparia

Sima Taparia is the protagonist as well as the soul of the show. She is brutally honest, loyal to her clients and is also quite in demand. This Mumbai-based Matchmaker has become very popular after the first season of the show. Her clients usually address her as ‘Sima Aunty’ and share their idea of an ideal partner with her so that she can help them find that person.

Clients adore Sima Aunty

But, she is also quite honest with her clients and constantly reminds them that “A person does not get everything”. She tries to convince them to lower their expectations and also helps them in finding a right person. She is constantly travelling from place to place to meet her clients and set them up and her clientele is usually the upper class of the society.

Sima Aunty and her client Viral

To avail her services people have to first share their bio data with her, then a background check is done on them and finally she meets them face to face to discuss their needs. For her it is very important that she must physically meet with her clients and understand them first. She remains constantly in contact with them via texts, video calls and voice notes.

Sima Taparia likes to connect with the clients’ families as well

In an interview with TODAY Sima Taparia stated,” When the stars are aligned, that is the story. This is all destiny, nothing is in my hands. If the destiny is there, if the couple is aligned together, then it happens. But my way is just to show them the bio data and to match them, that’s all.”

Indian Matchmaking, Season 2

Season 2 on Indian Matchmaking came out on our screens on August 10, 2022. This time there are some new clients and some old ones who are returning back to our screens with our favourite matchmaker ‘Sima Aunty’. This season has 8 episodes and is filled with drama, love, some honest commentaries by Sima Taparia and loads of entertainment.

A still from Indian Matchmaking Season 2

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Image curtesy: Netflix India