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A space filled with a range of textures supplied by the materials that went into making that decor item lend radiance and a feel to the abode. A combination of consistency in textures in a space is ‘the trend’ of the season. Get to know about the popular choice of materials for your house trinkets.

Modern homes are more about the touches and feel of the space one is living in. The contemporary expanse of a house is either completely over the top, replete with colours, textures, fabrics, and gaudy designs or is super minimalistic with marbles, gold accents, and dainty artefacts. But then there are also those who want the best of both worlds. This is when the amalgamation of several materials and textures works its wonders. The materials used in making a living space work in harmony with the persona of the people occupying that space. A combination of various materials — leather, crystals, metals, marble and so on — create an ultra-modern and edgy assortment of home décor items.


Marble, or metamorphosed limestone, is the most timeless stone used in everything from home décor to phone covers. A clean sophisticated look and a smooth, shiny finish make it an elite choice for those looking to incorporate a classic elegance in their homes. When combined with rose-gold or golden metallic accents, this stone can revamp your home into the most luxe-looking environment. Little cabinets that combine wood and marble into a luxurious ensemble of home décor can make for a great piece to decorate your space. Italian marble in pastel hues and even in black looks sophisticated and charming. Therefore, be it wood, leather, brass or gold, marble combines with everything and produces a beautiful output in furnishing aesthetics.


Fulfilling the 21st-century desire of luxury, artisanship, and timelessness is the poor man’s gold alloy of copper and zinc — brass. This metal used in verdigris finish created by hand using a mixture of salt and ammonia or oxidised and hand-rubbed to create other variants make for the quintessential vintage look. This is what is desired by the cosmopolitans for their modern and industrial designs for their abodes. The warmer undertones in brass also complement the ‘millennial pink’ which is the shade of choice for anything and everything currently. A polished brass used in any kind of furniture or artefact, combined with other materials, provides the polished accent in the overall look.


Another classic material that rules the hearts of the people is leather. It is durable, provides insulation from heat, and is also tear-resistant compared to fabrics. These qualities of leather make it the choice material for usage in luxury furniture such as sofas, armchairs, and headboards. From red and black to white and pastel, every shade of leather has a scent of luxury that marks it as the unparalleled ruler of the market in luxury home décor department. Variants of leather, such as suede leather, are also a popular choice when it comes to lining up the headboards and sofa chairs. Faux leather has also been gaining popularity since sustainable living as a concept gained momentum.


In the pre-Islamic period, most luxury vessels were made of precious metals, including gold and silver, while ceramic wares were largely used for utilitarian purposes such as storing water and food, transporting goods, and cooking. However, in the Islamic world, luxury ceramics became popular and were appreciated for their aesthetic appeal and affordability — according to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The properties of ceramic make it a highly used material in many forms of luxury goods. The benefits of ceramic are amplified with the introduction of ceramic 3D printing, and their versatility means more and more luxury houses, watchmakers, jewellers, and wide luxury market players, in general, are starting to embrace this technology.


Your humble abode is incomplete without the touch of textures of fabrics to uplift the mood of the place. White velvets on black leather sofas, armchairs made out of traditional Indian printed fabrics or even walls decorated with weaves of clothes make the home look amazing. All fabrics like linen, silk, cotton which maybe sometimes mixed with high-quality synthetic fibres such as Novafil, Bemberg, and Viscose, are the topmost choices for the elite to decorate their houses with. You can create a unique Memphis design for

your house by using exquisite sofas, chairs, rugs and carpets in a variety of contrasting colours and patterns. Woollen rugs, velvet cushions and faux fur blankets — are the premium options for luxurious home décor.


Crystal, surfaces with a metallic finish, a sparkling effect with soda, fused glass and extraordinary components accompanied by the precision and incredible skills of the Czech masters of glass craftsmanship — the new lighting collection titled ‘Light Moments’ by Sans Souci is all about polished crystals and mirrors. Crystals for the home help you to set the tone for your space and spirit. Your Feng Shui décor at your abode calls for a beautiful décor with crystals such as bohemian crystals, rose quartz, and celestite among others. These crystals also go very well with your home’s bohemian design with several colours, artefacts and conversational pieces.


A growing trend in home décor is to use semi-precious stones and gemstones as the compound luxury tiles in some amazing furnishings and room decor. The vases made out of semi-precious stones make a cosy, ambient, and a perfect backdrop for displays of beautiful flowers. A hand-cut vase creates a perfect decoration that will help you to incorporate other elements like flowers and the frame of art. Ornamental stones such as agate have two main design applications: as three-dimensional objects, where a whole geode may be sliced in half to reveal its distinctive banded pattern inside, or as two-dimensional surfaces, with thin slices pieced together to create extraordinary, complex patterns, used for tabletops, furniture and more.

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