MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts For The Perfect Wedding


To make the big day of your life special is what everyone yearns for. Perfect destination, breathtaking scenario, ostentatious views and sumptuous food are the key factors that people look after while preparing for the dream wedding. For all your worries to come to an end MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts is a one-stop solution for every needs and desire for the people getting married at this heavenly place.

MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts locations are spread throughout the cultural lands of India for the people who love to enhance their wedding vibrancy. MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts exquisite locations include Darjeeling, Kalimpong (West Bengal), Puri (Odisha), Bhubaneswar, Gopalpur (Odisha), Rourkela, Gangtok, Goa and Raipur (to be open soon) to have and to hold your wedding vows at the dreamy hotels and resorts.

MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts known for their authentic hospitality, opulent accommodation, world-class service and unforgettable experiences. MAYFAIR Hotels & Resorts offer luxurious accommodation, complimentary Wi-Fi, and mouth-watering food, with spa facility to help relax your muscles a bit. With their marvellous collection of hotels and resorts, it opens the whole new options to make a destination wedding more memorable and cherishable. For more information visit their website

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