Mehendi Décor Trends That Will Inspire You

Mehendi Decor Trends - Wedding Affair

Mehendi is celebrated as a pre wedding ritual in the Indian culture, however mehendi is not just seen as a ceremony but it holds significance value in terms of creativity and art. It is that occasion where everyone is in a joyous and party mood. The intricate designs of henna on bride’s hand are complimented by vibrant décor that sets the tone of celebration. In recent times it has been observed that the preference for mehendi décor has been shifting now brides prefer a contemporary style rather than the traditional ones. Considering that mehendi is such an important occasion the décor needs to be perfect as well. Here are a bunch of ideas that will help you to plan your mehendi décor perfectly.

1. Floral Extravaganza

Floral Mehendi Decor

Floral Decor

Floral decorations have always been the highlight of mehendi celebrations from marigold, roses, lilies, carnations, to daises all kind of flowers have been used to decorate mehendi ceremony. A floral decoration not only looks beautiful but it also helps to make the environment look fresh and lively. Flowers are seen in every aspect of the décor and it never fails to leave a mark whether it’s floral canopies, swings or hanging décor.

2. Vibrant Colors

Vibrant Colours

Mehendi is the occasion to let yourself loose and party the night away and what’s better than vibrant colors to make the environment lively and energetic. When it comes to mehendi décor it is all about having fun and experimenting with different colors. If you are someone who likes a more subtle look then you can go for pastel colors and if you are someone who likes to be edgy and stand out then you can go for bright neon colors. Using different colors will surely help you to create a fun look.

3. Fusion Fun

Fusion Fun

Fusion Decor

Are you someone who desires to have the best of both worlds? Then a fusion décor is for you. Creating a fusion décor is all about incorporating elements from different culture and mending them all together to create a perfect blend. Many mehendi décor incorporates different décor elements like rajasthani umbrella, Persian rugs, Bengali rangoli, lanterns and various other décor elements. A fusion wedding décor helps to add a more personalized touch to the overall occasion.

4. Bohemian Aesthetic

Bohemian Decor

The bohemian aesthetic is gaining immense popularity and is making its mark on the Indian wedding décor. The bohemian aesthetic is all about low seatings, feathers, pampas grass, dream catchers, flowy fabrics and macramé décor. In this aesthetic a more laidback style is embraced to create a relaxed atmosphere. The bohemian aesthetic compliments the casual mehendi event perfectly.

5. Rustic Style

Rustic Decor

Rustic decor is all about a having a no-fuss aesthetic that aims at highlighting the beauty of natural materials. When we talk about rustic decor think wood beams or touches of stone and clay, and comfortable seating. You can incorporate elements like wooden crates, stone tables, and earthy toned décor to complete a rustic mehendi décor. A rustic décor style helps to create a warm and inviting ambience.

6. Whimsical Wonderland

Whimsical Decor

The name whimsical in itself gives an idea that this décor style is all about creating a magical wonderland. The whimsical décor style adds a touch of enchantment and playfulness to your set up, infusing it with a sense of joy and imagination. Whimsical decor is a blend of aesthetics; it’s perfect for those who don’t take themselves too seriously and loves to experiment. To create a whimsical setup adds lots of fairy lights, vines, floor seating and swings. A whimsical setup will surely create a relaxed and playful environment.

7. Mehendi Bar

Mehendi Bar

A mehendi occasion cannot be completed without mehendi or henna designs, then how about a mehendi bar? Or a mehendi art station? Where all your guests can get their hands adorned with intricate henna designs. Having a mehendi bar at your event will add an interactive element; moreover it can be a very memorable experience for your guests as they can get personalized henna designs and truly be a part of the occasion.

8. Green Foliage

Green Foliage

This décor style is all about bringing the outdoors in. The color green will always be important and significant when it comes to mehendi décor and the green foliage style highlights the green color at every step. To create a green foliage style incorporate plants and shrubs wherever possible, adding potted plants, hanging wines, garlands, shrubs etc. will add a touch of natural beauty giving the environment a fresh look.

These were some of the trendiest mehendi décor styles for you to try. These days its all about blending traditions with contemporary ideas, embracing different aesthetics, experimenting with colors, and incorporating personalized elements to create a setup that is not only visually aesthetic but also carries deep meaning.