Memorable bridal entries to try at intimate weddings


The best part of any wedding is the bridal entry , she is the star of the show and the guest at the wedding await it the most. So its up to you to plan a bridal entry that everyone remember. While you may not have a phoolon ki chadar with a thousand roses and flowers, you still can pull off some of these easy yet pretty ideas we have put together, which will stay at everyones heart.

Dupatta as a veil

The simplest trick in the book, which looks absolutely gorgeous in photos is to use a sheer or mesh viel over your head and face as you enter. Not just is this ohotographic perfection it will make the moment so much more perfect for you .

A floral umbrella

Getting a custom made umberella for your bridal entry is totally In trend. Easy to get-whether you want to deck it up or get one customised, enter with your friend or even yourself holding the umberella.

Dancing under your chadar

Whats more great to watch than a dancing bride enjoying her own wedding. If you love dancing as much as we do then dance away as you enter, Not only are moments like this photographic gold, it will certainly make everyone remember your can even make your freinds take turns and dance with you as you walk down the aisle.

Entry with your parents

For the constant love and affection that your parents have showered you with, all these years, they definitely deserve a special token of love and gratitude from your end, a bridal entry with your parents will say just that. Enter with your parents or with bridesmaids holding photos of your dating years! For a classic to fresh new bridal entry idea you can also ask your planner to stage your bride entry with your parents and with a shower of petals.

Entry with your Sisters

Katrina kaif has now made this a trend and now its the biggest wedding trend the sassy millennial bride has embraced with gusto, is bridal entry with sisters only. Typically and traditionally, most bridal entries are done with brothers by the side. But now brides are making offbeat bridal entries with sisters and we think that is absolutely adorable

Let your pet steal the show

Do you have pets? If yes, what would be better than entering your mandap with your fur balls by your side? It will not only help you grab the most eyeballs but also get you to relish some quality time with your poochies

Arrive in a Palki

Make heads turn by arriving at the mandap on a Rajasthani palki. It is sure to make you feel like a princess and give your bridal entry a royal look