Guide into grooms and their wedding look: Bollywood Inspiration 

here we have a list of four handsome hunks looking all gorgeous and dapper in their wedding sherwani.

Here’s what you can gift your man on special occasions

We’ve put together a list of few amazing gift ideas that are sure to be the most purposeful present for your favourite pragmatic human.

Apple announces M1-based MacBooks

Apple Inc on Tuesday introduced a MacBook Air notebook and other machines with its first central processor designed in-house for Macs.

Bang & Olufsen Celebrates 95th Anniversary With “Gold Collection”

Bang & Olufsen is launching a new premier collection in honour of its 95th birthday––all glistening with a singular golden touch.

A guide to Groom’s accessories

Wedding Affair recommends some of the must-have gold accessories that a groom should style on his wedding, reception, or other ceremonies.

SSC Tuatara: World’s New Fastest Car

Shelby SuperCars (SSC) North America has broken the world record for the fastest production car with its SSC Tuatara.

Google Pixel 4a Launched in India

After many launch date leaks and many anticipated pricing ranges, Google's budget-friendly Pixel 4a finally launched today in India.

Rolex launches a colourful Oyster perpetual collection

Rolex discreetly updated the Oyster Perpetual 34, and it is a strange thing that happened to Rolex at the beginning of last month.

Accessories for the Groom’s occasion wear

When outfits are accentuated by accessories, the look elevates. Here is Wedding Affair’s guide to beautiful accessories for the groom.

Apple iPad Air, Watch Series 6 among others launched 

Apple hosted a ‘Time Flies’ event on Tuesday. Apple announced Watch SE, Watch Series 6, iPad Air, 8th generation iPad, and new services.

Virgin Galactic & Rolls Royce team up to create Mach 3...

Virgin Galactic is making strides toward its goal of creating high-speed commercial aircraft. It aims for one that operates a little closer to Earth.

Sony unveils ‘ready for PS5’ TVs

To help PS5 buyers choose a TV that gets the most from the PlayStation 5, Sony launches a 'Ready for PS5' branding.