Mickey Mehta fills Istanbul with Indian Spirituality


Dr. Mickey Mehta maintains the life coach position of political leaders, industrialists and Bollywood celebrities in India using holistic wellness, well-being and fitness methods. He is famously known as India’s leading holistic health guru with over four decades of holistic influencer experience. In order to benefit non-Indians with the power of spirituality, Mickey, in collaboration with Crystal Concepts DMC, conducted a workshop on benefits of yoga, basic meditation, concepts of holistic health, emotional healing and cleansing on May 20, 2017 in Istanbul at the “Holistic Wellness Festival.”

Mickey_Wedding Affair
Fitness Instructor, Mickey Mehta, conducting a class

On the occasion, holistic health guru, Mickey Mehta said, “It was a great festival with so much positive energy around. Many of the participants had a specific interest in gaining insights into pain and disease management, finding answers to dilemmas relating to after life, disillusionment in relationships. The enthusiasm at the festival was high and I am happy we all got revolutionized, internalized and Mickymized as we took one more step towards experiencing a wellness that comes from within. After witnessing the zest among the locals I hope to hold many more workshops in the near future.”

Mickey in Istanbul_Wedding affair

Within the scope of the festival, Mehta shared his presentations on yoga, meditation, breathing therapy and importance of nutrition for a healthy and energetic life. Following that he gave a lecture at the Acibadem Hospital Department of Endocrinology to present the positive effects of healthy hormones required for a quality life. This is the first time Mickey has organized such an event on an international level and he hopes to conduct more workshops in the near future.

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