Milestones to hit before the big step- Marriage


Mutual Love leads to a bond that longs togetherness and companionship. When in love, the eyes glimmers with a shine, face radiates wide blushes and the intensity of the heart pump rises. This is followed by the promise of devoting your lives to each other and finally getting hitched into a lifelong partnership with each other. The journey ahead demands sacrifice and selfless love. A long list of obstacles will be waiting in the wings to hit you hard. Your journey would require a prior encounter to some of the issues to make your bond everlasting. You need to hit the following milestones in your relationships before taking it further.


  1. Talking about the past

Not exactly dwelling into it but knowing about it and accepting it. There are possibilities of some unfavorable outcomes from the past and one needs to be mentally prepared.

  1. A trip together

Observing each other’s fun-loving and trippy side, a trip together will help the two of you to open up to each other, which is a must in a relationship. Getting comfortable in each other’s company and getting on good terms with some of their habits that may bother you in the future.

  1. Travel together for work

Travelling for a trip together is fun but a sojourn together for a work purpose will introduce you to their routine behavior and what you are about to encounter in future. The voyage will put some light on their behavior when under pressure and how will your partner devote time to you when busy.

  1. You’ve had one big fight — and pulled through.

A fight in a relationship is inescapable. No matter how hard you try, either the circumstances or the behavioral differences will make you pick up a fight with your mate. This is liable to happen at any time of the relationship- beginning or even after fifty years of togetherness. A previous incident of such an encounter will help you deal with it more maturely and will aid in resolving the problem.

  1. Getting sick in front of one another

This may not seem the most important one but this is assuredly occurring. This is sometimes followed by freaking out of the other partner, which needs to be avoided. Your unwell companion needs your support and you need to be supportive.

  1. You’ve talked finances

Love is important but finances can sometimes lead to a skirmish. A discussed plan for the finances will lead to a smooth life, compatibly as well as financially.

  1. You have discussed your future

It may not be same but your partner deserves to know your future plans to be prepared and supportive after all your relationship needs to see a bright future.

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