Millennial “must-haves”: bridal jewellery edition


How about catching up with some of the must-have millennial bridal jewelry elements? Well, you seem interested, right? Then just have a look at these four “must-have” elements and slay your fairytale wedding looking glammed up with these timeless jewelry pieces. 

brideMillennial  edition: Kundan or Jadau chokers 

Speaking of some of the best and must-have bridal jewelry for every Indian bride at her wedding, the first and foremost would be a nice and royal-looking set or Kundan or jade choker. Neckpieces and long royal necklaces known as Rani Haars are definitely the common choices, but while we speak of the millennial brides then choosing a fine choker gives the bride a sassy yet traditional look for her fairytale. 

The Royal requirement: A Kundan Nath 

How can a bridal look be complete without a Kundan Nath? Well, the fact that the beauty of an Indian bride lies in her evidently royal nose accessory is something that all you brides should keep in mind. It not only gives your entire look a “cherry on the top” kind of aura, but it enhances your facial glow and of course, that pretty smile of yours looks even more pretty. 

Heavy pick: Royal sized rings 

Well, every woman dreams of their wedding day, and all they want is to look their best and to slay like a queen. Speaking of queen, then bridal jewelry should always be extra and noticeable if you’re not the “keeping it minimal” kinda bride. So, you need to make sure that your fingers are donned with some pretty, huge, and royal chakra rings that give your hands and your traditional mehndi an even more prolific touch. 

Millennial extras: Anklets and ring bracelets 

Well, millennial brides are always looking towards marking a style statement, so usual jewelry requirements are not just that important to them what grabs their attention is something that isn’t that common. For instance, you can always go for some sleek yet classy ring bracelets or heavy anklets to your bridal look a royal and fulling look from head to toe. 

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