Mini trend alert: temporary tattoos for your bachelorette party


Pinterest is unapologetically obsessed with this wedding trend for bachelorette parties  Like glow sticks and concert glow bands, there is a wave of online sellers and small designers creating cool bespoke and novelty tatts that are perfect for bachelorette parties. Couples and guests are getting in on the action for a fun way to put a stamp (literally!) on their day.

Air-brush Tattoos

Hiring an Air-brush tattoo artist can be a lot of fun. Each Bachelorette at the party can get their own unique look, created just for them. The quality of the tattoos is directly determined by the skill of the artist you hire, so make certain you see their portfolio in advance.

Ask your artist for exact information as to how long the tattoo last as this can vary.

Temporary Tattoos

This is when you have a pre-made tattoo design on a piece of paper that can be transferred to any part of your body that you select. This type of tattoo can be a lot of fun, because of the designs. Also when done as a group it makes the idea fun for both kids and adults alike. 

The length that these type of tattoo’s last really varies, so read the package for details. We especially like metallic and glitter tattoo options!

If you wish to feature temporary tattoos at your reception, mehendi or even at the wedding afterparty then you can give an airbrush artist or have a tattoo station 

Tattoo station for bachelorette parties 

Or place baskets at the event