Mix and Match Mania!


Weddings are a special affair for the bride, groom and their families. Exclusivity of designs simply doubles your excitement for the celebrations. For as long as we can remember, brides have dressed in red and gold from head to toe. Mix and match mania is the new rage this wedding season. Beat your old school lehengas in unified colours with multiple hues in gorgeous designs. Modern day brides like all the fusions and colours off the palette on their attires. Fuchsia with forn, ombré in shades of peach, green and blue are in the limelight this wedding season. Leaving the traditional reds behind, brides these days prefer vibrant, eye-catching and new age colours for their wedding rituals.

Not just the bride, even the guests can been seen in sparkling blues and bright magenta shades with peppy neons. The ladies are experimenting with different shades put together. A combination like gold emblazoned orange, magenta and green or blues and orange with creamy textures are an absolute hit. This wedding season gets a thumbs up for all shades and experiments.

The choli and the lehenga in one colour and the dupatta in another is a raging trend which can be seen everywhere around these days. Imagine a golden choli with the bottom of same colour carried well with a sparkling bright blue dupatta, or a dazzling magenta lehenga with a golden dupatta. It balances all the tones together. The dark ones bring in the much needed wedding spark and the soft shade merges the unwanted brightness to make it subtle and soothing. Common, yet new is the speciality of this trend.

Graduating different shades of a colour is another popular trend in the high end world of eccentric weddings splashed with colors of rituals and happiness. Ombré in blues and pinks are a total success and a safe game to play. Apart from that, brocades, dazzling golds and silvers with silk are some of the other options which the wedding seasons allows you to showcase and experiment with.