Mixing Textures: The Ongoing Trend Of Wedding Decor

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The materials that go into decorating the abode are going to be of the utmost importance in the upcoming year, predict the industry experts. Be it the industrial style, bohemian or Moroccan style, the materials are the master crafters of your abode. Starting from the look to the overall feel of your décor is decided by the kind of textures you put in. If you are redecorating your abode, this is the right time to invest in textures. Buy different fabrics, use a mixture of materials and combine different textures in one décor item — the upcoming year awaits you with open arms. Use the following materials and combine them for maximum beautification.

1. Fabrics


Fabrics are just limited to throw in fabrics on the sofa or those quilts and bedsheets, now the fabrics are becoming an important component of décor pieces. Used in lampshades, headrests, chairs and other items, fabrics provide a rustic vibe and feel to your abode.

2. Ceramic


Ceramic is one of the most used materials in the making of luxury décor items. Right from kitchen utensils to large vases and small decoration trinkets — ceramic has versatile uses.

3. Brass

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This metal used in verdigris finish created by hand makes up for the quintessential vintage look. The contemporary urban love to experiment with this metal to render a rustic touch to their abodes. A polished brass used in any kind of décor item is perfect to lend a polished look to the home.

4. Leather

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The best quality of the leather is that the material is heat resistant, waterproof and durable. Not just furniture but artefacts and statement décor items made out of leather and used with a variety of materials is sure to ooze luxury into your living area

5. Crystals


Crystals used in home décor help you set a luxurious undertone to your area. Your Feng Shui décor for your home requires a generous usage of bohemian crystals, rose quartz, and Celestine among others.


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