Modern Trends in Wedding Invites


The news of your wedding must put smiles on the faces of the guests you are inviting. This begins with your wedding card. Through the wedding cards, emotions are shared between the invitees and the soon-to-be-married couple. Hence, your wedding invite must resonate the feel of your wedding, as it sets the mood for the wedding guests, and it’s a chance for you to put your hearts out in inviting your guests.

We spoke to Industry Expert Puneet Gupta from ‘Puneet Gupta Invitations’ who has designed wedding invitations for the likes of Shankar Mahadevan, Bharti Singh, Sachin Pilgaonkar, Dipika Kakar and many other cinema personalities, politicos and fashion icon. According to him, using technology in the wedding invites is the current favourite trend of celebrities and commoners alike. They are looking for bespoke and personalized wedding invites with augmented reality or virtual reality to add that perfect oomph factor. New couples demand minimalistic elegance in the invites they send out.

“Letterpress is starting to get more appreciated and is surging in demand.  Younger couples tend to like more muted tones like Nude pink, Champagne, and Mauve. While when it is a family decision more traditional colours like red, orange and gold prevail,” according to Ravish Kapoor from Ravish Kapoor Designs.

Couples have been resorting to modern means for doing everything related to their wedding, from wedding cards to the wedding reception. Hence, we recommend you to add any of the following modern touches to your wedding cards for a lasting impression –

1. Hand-Made, Bespoke

You need not necessarily make it with your own hand.  But you might get it handmade from any specific artist, and then get copies produced to be sent out to the guests. This will lend a very personal touch to your wedding cards that people will remember for the time to come. You can either go for text written in Calligraphy, hand-drawn prints or incorporate art & craft inspired ideas in the wedding card itself.

2. Water Colour-Based

To give an ultra-modern and delicate touch to your wedding invites, we recommend you to use mild, pastel watercolours to give an ombre effect to the background of your invites. This will also ensure that your wedding cards look clean, organised and clutter-free from unnecessary graphics. You can also try for flower or geometrical shapes in watercolour for the background as well.

3. Modern Prints


Flower prints have become outdated since long. To upgrade the prints in your wedding cards, you can opt for porcelain prints, marble prints or colourful tile prints as a base for your wedding cards. These look delicate, beautiful, modern, and lively for the wedding card. You can later use these prints in your wedding decorations as well to add it in the overall theme of your wedding.

4. Fabric-Based


This is a wonderful idea for a beautiful, and environment-friendly touch to your wedding invites. Get your invites printed on a piece of cloth and send them across to your guests for a very personal touch. It might like a personalized handkerchief, highlighting minimalism and elegance. Fabrics like jute or super-light cotton will act as the perfect wedding invites.

5. New-Age Wedding Cards


New-Age Wedding Cards include wedding invites in the form of newspapers, e-invites, laser-cut wedding cards, ones including portraits of the couple, or the ones including couple caricatures. These act as a perfect blend of modernism to the traditionalism in the wedding cards. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the developed tastes of the elite these days.

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