Modish Innovations – Tech Pick of the Month



The AVINYA concept embodies empathetic mobility, representing a vehicle that is intelligent, roomy, eco-friendly, and technologically advanced. It is built on the agile and sturdy Pure EV GEN 3 Architecture, offering a versatile design and featuring next-generation connectivity, advanced driver assistance systems, and improved performance and efficiency. As you move to the sides, you’ll encounter the ‘Butterfly’ doors, inviting you into a spacious interior that sets a new standard in comfort, ensuring a serene experience for everyone inside.

premium watches


This timepiece is the world’s thinnest mechanical watch with a daring design and high precision. It has a monochromatic look with sandblasted titanium. Only 1.50 mm thick, this masterpiece is a perfect example of Italian creativity and Swiss mastery. Inspired by the Roman Massentius Basilica, the Octo Finissimo Watch is equipped with a 40 mm extra thin titanium case, transparent case back, titanium crown set with ceramic, titanium dial, titanium bracelet and a stainless steel folding clasp.

cartier pen


Write in style! This limited edition dragon motif fountain pen has a solid yellow-gold body with black glossy lines, a red gleaming cap with a blue polished cloud décor and a golden dragon embedded with 475 diamonds entwined around the cap. The detailing on the dragon consists of a single emerald on the tip of its tail and a ruby cabochon on the underside of its body.  This pulchritudinous pen is engraved with a cloud décor and a dragon motif is a high-end luxurious writing instrument with exceptional detail and craftsmanship.



Race off to big off-road adventures with the Ducati DesertX Rally. Triumph over the toughest challenges with this high-performing machine which is made to cross arid deserts, rocks and forests. The Ducati DesertX rally is ready to accompany you on your most extreme adventure trip with its high-class professional off-roading equipment. It has a 21” front wheel and an 18” rear wheel. Its wheels are built with billet aluminium hubs, Excel rims, and Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tyres, and its rear wheel is half an inch narrow. The Ducati even sells you matching rider gear, including an Arai Tour-X5 helmet.



Lose yourself in your favourite music with these fantastically immersive sound speakers. Designed with Meta Material Absorption Technology, these compact LS50 Meta speakers can deliver detailed sound anywhere in the room. The 12th generation Uni-Q with MAT™ driver reduces colouration and distortion and produces a sound that is transparent and lifelike. The speaker’s curved model’s smooth surfaces help radiate sound without any interference.

massaging chair


Relax and reduce stress with Lixo’s Roboticvibe7070, an advanced supreme classic massage chair that offers a plush and unmatched massage experience. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including intelligent 3D massage manipulators that operate silently and deliver scientifically advanced massage, this massage chair automatically detects and makes adjustments with functions that sense the human body curve and shiatsu massage points. It is the perfect addition to your home for a luxurious and peaceful escape.

louis vitton earbuds

Louis Vuitton

Specially made for fashion aficionados and audiophiles alike, these Horizon Light Up earphones from Louis Vuitton will bring a revolution in the state-of-the-art exclusive wireless in-ear audio industry. The earbuds feature a layer of polished sapphire atop the flower from Louis Vuitton’s’ signature monogrammed pattern. It comes with a stunning charging case with a silhouette inspired by the Tambour Horizon Light Up watch and is equipped with advanced features such as active noise cancellation, background noise elimination for calls and Bluetooth multi-point, which allows the users to stream audio from two different sources simultaneously.



In the fast-paced whirlwind of life, where moments slip away like sand through an hourglass, the Maserati Classic collection encapsulates the heritage and tradition of the Trident within each meticulously crafted Maserati timepiece. The Maserati Classic collection seamlessly integrates with the wrist, offering a range of designs from skeleton dials to chronographs. Perfecting the art of Italian designs, this watch features a slick logo of Maserati over the dial.