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There are few things in life which adds an undeniable vibrancy and colours to our lives, albeit inaudibly. It could be a Fitzgerald classic novel on a rainy day. A warm cup of tea on a gloomy blue night. A cuddle with your dog on an icy cold morning. Or just a delicate heirloom neck piece passed down to you to wear. Bringing back memories of your mother on her D-Day. Captured in monochromes. Warming up your heart. Malabar Gold & Diamonds wants to offer you those moments. You can reminisce, every time you buy a piece from their collection.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

They have an everlasting kaleidoscope of multi-hued gems and breezy diamonds, brightening up your wedding moments. Mine diamonds unlimited – ‘Allium’ collection consists of bold reinvention of the classic floral cluster arrangement – diamonds appearing suspended in flowery clusters, giving the traditional motif a traditional twist. It’s a collection inspired by the beautiful Allium flower. Contemporary designs that compliment your essence and put you at the centre of attention.


A piece of jewellery is more than just a beautiful object. It is a feeling, which you use as an adornment. It is the most revered tool of self-expression. Keeping this in mind, Malabar Gold & Diamonds has introduced the latest collection of diamonds. The collection that reflects today’s mood of female empowerment. These are jewels for women who are free to express their femininity however they like.  A way to woo them, who wants pieces that do not overpower her innate personality, but compliment her individuality.


To check out their latest collection, visit  now. You can also visit their offline stores in many parts of the country (Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal).

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