Mondrian Doha Delivers A Grand And Magical Wedding Experience!


We at Mondrian Doha have created an environment that prioritises the D-day! Our wish is to give you the dream wedding you have always wanted. With five-star caterers starting at just QAR 399 per person and a complimentary stay at the Opal Bridal Suit, this will be an everlasting experience as our 2000 sq meters ballroom can be customised according to your taste.

Full-length curtains in gold, red, maroon and royal blue in combination with impressive crystal chandeliers to preserve the charisma and to present a luxurious decor for your special day. The bridal suite is exclusively inspired by everything that a is exotic.

All your ideas of a fairytale dream are taken care of. The bridal suite is connected to the ballroom by a one-of-a-kind 24K gold-sculpted caged elevator and a gleaming marble suitcase with golden handrail, allowing the bride to make her grand entrance just as a princess would.

It is as glamorous as it could ever get for a bride!  Why not partner with us and give yourself an unforgettable memory.

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