Monsoon snacks to binge this rainy season!


As the monsoon arrives its natural to fantasize about different snacks and were already craving them. In India, the monsoon season is just a reason for us to make or order something tasty which makes us feel complete.

The most essential snack


In our country, the first and the most essential snack during the monsoon season are definitely fritters or shall we say pakoras?!. There is just something about the rainy season and fried food, it is definitely a match made in heaven. Plus the thing with fritters is you can make different ones as per your liking. Monsoon is the perfect time to overeat when it comes to this fried surprise.

Bring on the baked pastry

Lets address the elephant in the room and just call baked pastries with their real name which is samosas. Imagine the setting in which you’re enjoying the monsoon weather and someone brings out samosas, now this just sounds like a good time. This crispy treat is just what you need to fully appreciate the rainy season.

Your special Maggi

Every person has a different or special type of Maggi that they feel is the best version of Maggi as they are the ones who are making it. It is surely something that never disappoints us and this is no different during the monsoon. Also, it is something that will take very little time and energy so you can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.

Cant get enough of dim sums


Dimsums or momos are a snack that is fit for every occasion as they are just so irresistible. Just like pakoras, you can enjoy many different varieties of dim sums and all of them are delicious. It is a very comfortable snack as everyone in the room will surely love at least one piece of the dim sum and they will make an impact during the special season.

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