Mosaic Weddings & Events Crafts A Wedding Of Your Dreams


Weddings are not just crafted in a day; these are an amalgamation of dreams, emotions, love and blessings. Right from the planning stage to the D-Day, each step towards a perfect wedding attracts a lot of tedious discussions and thought process.  Mosaic Weddings and Events team is here to usher you through the process of crafting a perfect wedding of your dreams by providing you with the best décor possible. Leave your worries behind and get ready to enjoy your wedding festivities.

Extraordinary! Exquisite! Enthralling! Celebrations crafted by Raj K Batra’s Mosaic Weddings and Events are top-notch and one of their own kind. Established in the year 2010 by Mr Raj K Batra, the company is famously known for its immaculately planned and skilfully executed experiences curated by for its customers. Over 18 years of expertise in marketing and communication, Mr Raj K Batra has famed Mosaic Events as a top-notch host for weddings and events across the country and overseas as well. Their team’s speciality lies in providing you with utmost grandeur and regality for your wedding festivities. Their décor is as enthralling, alluring and enchanting as it can get. It is the team’s craft and creativity that breathes life into your best wedding dreams.


Each of their team members is here to assist you throughout the process of creating a highly stylized wedding. The team is highly qualified, willing to offer you the best qualifications, creativity, and talent. Providing you with an unbeaten, refined luxury, their décor is also aesthetically pleasing and artistically saturated. Mosaic Weddings and Events team ensures that your celebrations become eternal and your memories everlasting. So create moments as you walk into the most picturesque wedding crafted by Mosaic Weddings & Events. Visit their website — — for more details now. Visit their Facebook page –  mosaiceventsindiapvtltd and Instagram – mosaiceventsbyrajbatra to check out their work.

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